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Article Image - The Mexican Law Firm with International Repute
Posted 6th May 2022

The Mexican Law Firm with International Repute

Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz, the ‘Leading M&A and Corporate Restructuring Law Firm of the Year’ for Mexico, has secured itself as a cornerstone law firm for the country in which it operates.

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The Mexican Law Firm with International Repute

Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz, the ‘Leading M&A and Corporate Restructuring Law Firm of the Year’ for Mexico, has secured itself as a cornerstone law firm for the country in which it operates. After decades of hard work in its industry, it and its ever-improving team have secured a vast network of national and international connections that have proved invaluable to the corporate, municipal, and governmental clients it serves. Having had a hand in creating such influential international agreements such as the legislation and negotiations behind NAFTA, its notoriety has been more than earned over the years, and is something that grows by the day.

Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz is a company that found its feet during the merger of a banking and legal practice. Founded in 1945, this company has been building up its good reputation and dedication to excellence for decades, and thus has earned the trust and respect of its market segment, as well as a roster of clients who use it as their one stop shop for corporate law. Founded by Chilton Byran, Aureliano González Vargas and David Haber in Mexico City, they and the company relocated to Ciudad Juárez in Chihuahua during the year of 1946; this dynamic and flexible beginning has very much informed the attitude it still takes to its work to this day. Above all things, it is adaptive, tailorable, and client-first, always attending to their every need with the most in-depth knowledge bases regarding the task at hand available to both the staff and the client.

Since the merger – and starting in the 60s – the firm began its climb to the top. Impressively, it played an important role in the development, formulation, and implementation of Mexico’s development policy to include border economic expansion programs like the maquiladora. This allowed Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz to take on a critical role in the restructuring of private debt and the planning of intensive corporate projects, many of which were called for by the economic conditions in Mexico during the 80s. Moreover, by making a name for itself with helping its nation during times of tumult, this company has secured renown amongst governing and municipal bodies as a helpful, friendly, and professionally comprehensive service that will be able to provide advice and resolutions regarding corporate restructure and policy formulation.

Critically, in such times of flux, these services are often more crucial than ever before. In addition to these instances of Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz stepping in to help better its region, it also actively participated in the development of economic liberalization policies that came through for the nation in order to push it to the forefront of the global economy. Fundamentally, in creating a space for Mexico on the global stage and helping it get a seat at the table, Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz ended up working to secure the NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement that was successfully developed, negotiated, and implemented by Mexico, the USA, and Canada.

This trade bloc has proved its worth time and time again over the years in terms of keeping trade regulated, and the firm’s legal opinions that it provided to the federal government during its creation can still be seen in the final agreement to this day. Over time, therefore, Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz has been able to display just how valuable its input is simply by pointing a prospective client at its past work. This exemplary portfolio has secured its position as one of Mexico’s most respected law and legislative advice firms, able to lend its aid to corporate restructure, advising municipal bodies, and giving a legal perspective on various pieces of legislation.

Furthermore, due to its years of experience acquiring history with representing the economic interests of Mexico, it is supremely aware of the state of the Mexican market. It consistently keeps its finger on the pulse of new developments and updates in this manner in order to be able to give its clients the most pertinent, relevant, and up-to-date information possible regarding what their best moves would be and how the market would respond to certain things. Being one of Mexico’s cornerstone law firms in this manner, it has honed its philosophy to be one that befits it. To dig deeper into this is to truly get to the core of this business and why it does what it does; it wishes to offer the best services in its industry, all of which are based on the analysis of and experience with legal knowledge that its team carry out and possess.

In this manner, its staff are made up of some of the most foremost legal minds that the country of Mexico has ever seen, and each of whom believe in these values wholeheartedly. It is due to this consistency of philosophy that Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz has been able to approach every case it takes on from a united front that is able to put the client first and carry out every operation with sophistication and tenacity, forming close bonds with Mexican governmental agencies that are kept ethical and efficient. Diligently, it works to maintain these as long-term connections even after the case is over, cultivating a vast network of municipal and corporate relationships that ensure it remains at the head of the pack due to how many bodies and professionals vouch for it.

It also wishes to continue producing and implementing education programs for its professionals. This is something else that allows it to stay so far ahead of the curve in its industry, as Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz is able to stay on top of legal practice in the Mexican corporate and legislative ecosystem, each of its staff remaining thoroughly informed and highly skilled no matter the changing demands that occur. Indeed, this company is used to adapting to these fluctuating paradigm changes. It has been such a long-lived and well-trusted company throughout the years due to its ability to reshape and restructure in the face of challenge, and it wishes for its clients, industry, and country to both benefit from and implement some of this flexibility.

After all, so much of legal work and corporate restructure is about reacting positively to change. Therefore, Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz has also been able to use the adaptive ethos and the brilliant client-first mentality that its team champion in order to provide a helping hand that allows this firm to become a true partner to its clients. Having coordinated the legal relations of its clients in their most important industrial affairs, it has also established strategic alliances with firms all around the world in order to forever bolster its knowledge and connections; this global reach has allowed it to finance Latin American countries through a variety of different multinational resource institutions to great effect over the years. This includes restructuring banking and security legislations for developing countries. Going forward, it will continue to do each of these things, as well as push forward with its fostering of an international professional atmosphere of understanding by way of its Lawyer Exchange Program, and International Summer Program for Law Students.

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