tesco mobile

Tesco Mobile has revealed today a brand redesign to revitalise the brand expression and to align it more closely with the wider Tesco family. The UK mobile network’s new brand look and feel includes a refreshed logo and the use of bold brand colours and energetic visuals which aim to bring the best of Tesco to Mobile.

Tesco Mobile, the UK’s mobile network with the most satisfied customers, according to Ofcom, is taking the brand to the next level. The redesign brings the brand expression more explicitly in line with the Tesco family while reflecting Tesco Mobile’s positioning within the telecommunications market – with a focus on communicating and reinforcing Tesco Mobile’s values of Quality, Expert and Helpful within the industry and with its more than 5 million customers.

While continuing to retain the distinctive look and feel of the Tesco Mobile brand, the new brand expression features the familiar pulse icon – which has been given a makeover. Flipping its orientation to signal connectivity, the three dots from the pulse form the heart of how the new brand is expressed across different touchpoints. New bold and instantly recognisable colourways align more closely with the Tesco Brand portfolio.

Rachel Swift, recently appointed Tesco Mobile CMO, said: “From research we know the changes we’ve made have had a positive impact on how our brand is perceived, with more people than ever saying our new look and feels signposts quality and expertise. We’re proud to share our brand redesign, which takes us on to the next chapter of the Tesco Mobile story. Our new identity embodies our values and visually reinforces our position as part of the Tesco family.” For more information on the

Tesco Mobile brand please visit www.tescomobile.com/.