Workplaces can quickly go downhill if staff members aren’t working well together. Business owners can spend a fortune trying to foster a sense of unity and collaborative success in the workplace – but there may be a more affordable solution.

Lanyards are often overlooked but they can be a great way to improve security, boost the well-being of staff, and encourage unity and collaboration across the board.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring how lanyards can be used to enhance unity in the workplace, improve employee morale, and encourage collaborative success. – so read on for more.

Lanyards Can Be Customised

When you think of lanyards, you might conjure up an image of bland, dull pieces of material. However, in 2023, lanyards don’t have to be so basic.

Lanyards can be personalised with logos, colours, images and slogans, which can be an effective way to promote workplace unity. When employees wear lanyards that showcase the company’s branding, it can create a sense of pride and collaboration – and a sense of belonging. It reminds employees that they are working together towards a common goal and creates a shared identity.

Likewise, lanyards can also feature team names, employee titles and department names. This can encourage employees to liaise within certain groups and facilitate networking and collaboration. Ultimately, customised lanyards can help employees build relationships across the entire business.

Lanyards Can Be Used For Employee Recognition

Another way that lanyards can be used for workplace unity and collaborative success is through their achievements and contributions.

Managers can implement a tiered/ colour-coded lanyard system where different colours or designs represent different levels of recognition. This can be an effective strategy and act as a motivator for employees.

For example, a lanyard with a gold badge may signify outstanding performance, while a silver badge may represent a specific milestone achieved. This approach not only acknowledges and celebrates individual accomplishments but also creates a sense of competition and motivation among employees.

Likewise, businesses can introduce special lanyards or badges for employees who have gone above and beyond their regular duties. These lanyards can be worn temporarily, serving as a reminder of their efforts – for example, the ‘employee of the month’ may wear a lanyard that highlights this achievement.

This recognition not only boosts morale but also encourages other employees to strive for excellence, cultivating a culture of improvement, celebration and unity.

Lanyards Can Be Used for Team-Building Activities

Lanyards can be used as a tool in team-building activities – for example, employees can design their own lanyards. This can encourage creativity and self-expression, and also promote unity across different teams.

Having employees create their own lanyard designs can start conversations – for example, it can give employees the opportunity to share the stories behind their lanyards (e.g. their interests, values or backgrounds). This, in turn, can create stronger bonds between employees.

Lanyards Encourage Conversation

It doesn’t get much more embarrassing than forgetting somebody’s name or calling somebody by the wrong name – but lanyards for staff can prevent this issue.

Some people will avoid talking to others because they aren’t sure of their name and it’s too awkward to ask – but if they’re wearing a lanyard with their name on display, this issue can be completely avoided.

Lanyards can also include information about hobbies or personal interests, which can make it easier to engage in conversations.

Organisations can organise events or meetings where employees are encouraged to wear lanyards that represent their passions or the causes they support. This promotes inclusivity and diversity – and also encourages employees to share their values and causes they care about.

It allows employees to connect beyond their work roles, fostering a sense of community and understanding within the workplace.

Lanyards Promote a Sense of Pride

Finally, lanyards can be a great way to promote a sense of pride in the workplace. When an employee wears a branded lanyard, it can instil a sense of pride and loyalty. Employees can feel proud wearing a lanyard with the company’s branding, colours or key messaging on it.