Should You Focus on LinkedIn or Facebook When Growing a B2B Business?

Facebook and LinkedIn are great platforms for your business. However, they aren’t the same. Facebook is great for brands that are trying to reach their customers directly. It earns you a lot of prospects and could improve your brand awareness.

On the other hand, LinkedIn takes the cake regarding generating tangible leads. Most B2B marketers consider it the first port of call. About 94 percent of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the most reliable way of distributing B2B content.

Understanding the Numbers

In the last quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2.2 billion active users every month. LinkedIn only had 500 million. Only 24 percent of them were active. Users generally spend more time on Facebook than on LinkedIn.

While the average user spends 35 minutes on Facebook, they only spend 17 minutes on LinkedIn. If you are trying to reach your customers directly, it is evident that Facebook will give you better results. Regarding cost, Facebook ads are more affordable than LinkedIn ads.

Facebook Vs. LinkedIn

Facebook is great when you are trying to reach your audience for B2C. You can target your ads with 98 data points. This completely overshadows LinkedIn’s options.

However, both LinkedIn and Facebook cover B2B basics. They allow you to target your audience based on education, location, job title, industry, and gender. However, LinkedIn covers the most relevant points for B2B targeting. They include industry, employer, and job title.

LinkedIn is also great for targeting the employees of specific companies or industries. It can help you target specific job titles and functions.

LinkedIn is a Business-Focused Network

If you plan on targeting businesses, you would be smart to go where they are. Most businesses are on LinkedIn. It is the perfect platform for influencers, business leaders, job-seekers, and marketers. It is the platform where business professionals find each other.

LinkedIn was specifically planned to promote professional networking. It has 61 million senior-level influencers, and 40 million are decision makers. It offers endless networking opportunities for professionals and business-oriented people.

LinkedIn doesn’t draw much appetite for personal or trivial sharing. Instead, it draws professionals looking to connect with like-minded people and businesses. Take advantage of software for automating LinkedIn communications and get the best rewards.

Grow and Influence Your Target Market With LinkedIn

Whether you are a top executive or a new entrepreneur, your LinkedIn profile gives people the first impression of your business. A good first impression will help your business grow. It is the first step towards the development of your brand. The benefits of using LinkedIn for B2B business interactions include:

Expanding your networking channels

Earning you more followers

Promoting your brand

Growing your target audience

Strengthening your position as an influencer

Creating a LinkedIn Strategy for B2B Brands

The modern business landscape is highly competitive. Marketing professionals are increasingly seeking assistance from digital channels. LinkedIn can be an essential part of your strategy.

Unlike most other digital platforms, LinkedIn focuses more on professionalism than entertainment. Ninety-four percent of B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn for content marketing.

Seventy percent of salespeople claim to be most active on LinkedIn, and 89 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation. The right message will help you reach and appeal to your target audience,

Creating a LinkedIn profile is only the first step. The real challenge is in your ability to use the platform to your advantage. With some tricks up your sleeve, you should have no trouble gaining traction.

The best strategy depends on your specific goals. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, your options may include connecting with your customers, hiring, and social selling. Here are a few ways to incorporate LinkedIn into your campaigns.

Passive Marketing – This is about building your reputation on social platforms. Prospects can contact you through the platforms. Having an active LinkedIn profile reassures your potential customers that you are reliable. It can strengthen your connections.

Proactive Marketing – This type of marketing requires you to promote your business actively. You need to go on LinkedIn and actively try to target your target audience.

Even though Facebook and LinkedIn are fantastic platforms, they aren’t the same. If you are a B2B business, you will reap more benefits from LinkedIn as it is a business-centric platform. It can help you improve brand exposure and increase your opportunities for interacting with potential clients.