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Outsourcing has become the norm as businesses of all sizes look to save money. Handing off rote or otherwise complicated tasks to an agency while your team handles the bread and butter work can be a boon for your productivity, but you may not be leveraging the power of outsourcing as far as it can go. Here are ten tasks your business should consider outsourcing. 


1. Notarizations

No one needs the exorbitant expense of an in-house notary anymore. Businesses can outsource their notary work to agencies and freelancers and thereby save money on payroll without sacrificing legal security. Mobile notary agencies like Superior Notary Services offer flexibility and convenience, as they can meet you and your clients anywhere you need them.


2. Marketing

Marketing can be a costly in-house expense requiring staff and technology. Rather than hiring a marketing department, you can outsource the task and pay for it when you need it. 

You can find marketing teams everywhere, opening up the opportunity to find a group in your price range and with the ideas that will help sell your ideas, products, and services. 

If you decide to pay for a premium marketing company, you might be able to find one company that can manage your content writing, videography work, SEO, and graphic design. Otherwise, you can outsource each task independently based on what you need and when. 


3. Content Writing and Videography

One of the most common office tasks to outsource is content for websites. From blogs to vlogs, content experts are ready to help you with your marketing needs. Content creators work by the project, and many only need a few details like topics, headlines, word counts, and SEO necessities.

You can also outsource your video content. Videographers already have the equipment, which helps your business save money. Send them the details of the videos you want, and they’ll deliver the videos or post them directly to your social media accounts.

Content writers can also work with your social media and website accounts. They can post content directly to your company’s blog and share the details on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When you let an outsourcing company manage your social media and blog accounts, your employees can focus on other tasks directly affecting your business’s bottom-line success.


4. Legal Work

Legal work can be costly, especially if you pay salaries for your in-house attorneys. It is less expensive to outsource legal work and pay for retainer fees and hourly work as needed.

Businesses should not try to accomplish DIY legal work to save money. Small legal tasks can become major problems when your company tries to fight through the red tape on its own. 


5. Payroll

Companies have been outsourcing payroll for decades. If your business hasn’t investigated outsourcing payroll opportunities, you’ve been wasting money doing the work in-house. You’ll save money on your payroll because you won’t have to pay the extra salaries of an internal team.

Payroll companies rely on expensive technology so that you don’t have to buy it yourself. These services can be automated, so your employees submit their hours, vacation requests, and payroll deductions. Most payroll outsourcing companies charge a flat rate, often based on the number of employees.


6. Technology 

IT employees can take a big bite out of payroll, which is why so many companies decide to outsource their technology work. 

Many routine tech issues can be handled remotely, so companies do not need IT experts as in-house employees. IT experts can help with problem-solving, and they can come in for additional services when your business needs to integrate new technology.


7. Graphic Design

Most artistic marketing needs can be outsourced, especially as creative employees can be costly. When you outsource graphic design, you pay for the service, not for all of the designers’ technology and creative tools. If your business does not use graphic designers more than a few times per year, outsourcing the tasks makes good financial sense.


8. SEO

Businesses should also outsource their SEO work. Your employees have other important tasks to grow the bottom line, and while it’s crucial to your marketing strategy, SEO is time-consuming for in-house employees. 

Content writers can help with SEO, or you can directly outsource the SEO tasks to people or organizations specializing in choosing keywords and meta descriptions. SEO outsourcing can be one of the most money-saving choices, as companies can rely on SEO results for months. 


9. Office Assistance

Office work can be time-consuming and mind-numbing. Rather than paying one person’s salary to open mail, answer phones, and deal with emails, you can outsource the tasks to one or more companies. 

Many companies rely on outsourced office help and phone services with actual people who answer and forward phone calls. These services charge by the minutes their employees spend on the phone, which is usually less than companies expect. 

Companies also hire outsourced mail help, especially if several remote employees need a workplace address that isn’t their home address. 


10. Customer Support

Companies all over the world have turned to outsourced customer support. With so many people purchasing items online, businesses do not need in-house customer support services. Outsourced customer support teams can work in various time zones to meet the needs of customers everywhere. 


Wrap up

Outsourcing can help businesses save a significant amount of money on payroll, taxes, and equipment. When choosing where to begin with outsourcing, decide what tasks you do not need immediately. It won’t take long before you see financial benefits and increased productivity in your staff.