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Article Image - Serving Customer and Community
Posted 24th December 2021

Serving Customer and Community

Having made itself the ‘Best Home & Maintenance Services Provider’ in 2021 for the UK, Fantastic Services is a home and office services company whose franchise model is helping communities all across the world.

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Serving Customer and Community
Two people part of the Fantastic Services team

Having made itself the ‘Best Home & Maintenance Services Provider’ in 2021 for the UK, Fantastic Services is a home and office services company whose franchise model is helping communities all across the world. Having experienced vast and exponential growth since its founding, the exemplary team behind it, one that believes in the values of family and client-first service, has propelled even further towards greater success.

A cleaning services company that began in 2009, Fantastic Services was founded on the ideas of its co-founders. Like minded, dedicated, and ambitious individuals, they set out to lead the revolution of how people clean, beginning in London but soon expanding out into a worldwide and exemplary service that is truly a one-stop-shop in everything home and office. Fundamentally, it is a multi-service shop that stocks wares for cleaning, gardening and landscaping, DIY work, pest control, plumbing, removals, electrical services, and more, with a vast network of 530 partners behind it that allows it to serve over 50,000 customers a month, all of whom come away perfectly satisfied with the service and the products.

Since its founding it has expanded both its geographical reach and portfolio, leveraging over 100 different services that its customers can benefit from – all of which are outstanding in nature and by design – that can be found across three different continents through its high-margin franchises. Its franchisees can be found in Europe, Australia, and America at present. Furthermore, its philosophy of service has by far helped this expansion as it has been able to forge a notoriety around the attitude held by its staff and carried by its name: the simple idea of excellent customer service and an outstanding retail experience for customer and crew.

It calls this the ‘360 degrees circle of happiness’, striving to make it a reality for everyone who steps through its doors, finding them what they need and advising them on the best product for the task at hand. Moreover, this allows Fantastic Services to continually pursue its mission of creating services people love, using the technology created by the industry’s best and brightest, all further emboldened by the heart at its core that it works hard to keep as its through-line. This has allowed it to create a flexible and sustainable franchise model that allows growth for the franchisee – including exclusive rights and support from the mother business – aiming to help build 1000 such franchisees to build their businesses up to being worth £1,000,000 by the end of the next ten years.

Fantastic Services has, in this way, managed to keep hold of the family feeling that made heart such an important part of its business model. Importantly, it kept its growth to scale with its dedication to each individual, ensuring that despite its size it didn’t lose track of the people that made it what it is today, admiring how different each of its franchises becomes as they grow into their own business. Therefore, the past 12 years have been fundamentally characterised by Fantastic Services further cultivating the support it can offer its employees, extending the fantastic atmosphere that results out to customers to earn them over 21,000 active members of its thriving membership programme.

In fact, one of its founders came directly from the tech industry, with Fantastic Services being part of a new wave of businesses integrating the newest innovations such as online booking, something which today is a requirement – it also has invested millions in custom built CRM and two integrated mobile apps. With this business, no expenses are spared when it comes to ensuring employees have access to the most effective and efficient solutions available. Additionally, its over 500 in-house IT staff make this possible with tenacity and hard work, ensuring that its search engine optimisation, marketing, customer care, IT support, accounting, service experience, and other experts are working well together to create the best possible experiences across the board. This has created a well-oiled machine that empowers the business like an engine, and the IT team’s synergy with other departments is also vitally important. Moreover, all departments of Fantastic Services work together well, each team with its own function and output that compliments those of the others and creates a phenomenal unit.

To drill a little deeper into its franchise models, it offers three different ones. This is because it knows that no two business or businesspeople operate in the same way – thus, its Master franchise model grants exclusive rights over an entire country managed by an exclusive ambassador, allowing them to develop the country with units in each area. Its Area Development model, however, grants these rights over a new territory, such as a city, but still allows for the management of several units. Finally, its Working franchise model is the lowest investment franchise opportunity that is nonetheless just as important, allowing franchisees to work with a team in a chosen service and suitable for service providers who seek independence with their time and resources.

The timeline, when it comes to franchising, is also totally up to the franchisee. Fantastic Services will work with them in order to find the model that is right for them and help them negotiate with the unique factors of the area they wish to operate in; that being said, largely the scale will decide how long it will take to set up. A Working franchise could be in the field within weeks, whereas Area Development and Master franchises will take at least a month to set up properly. Furthermore, this has developed a determination fostered by both Fantastic Services and its franchisees, one that has allowed it to weather many challenges – even the hurdles of Covid-19. It worked hard to implement all the right safety measures and protocols, even developing an Antiviral Sanitation service to help its clients through this tough time.

It also offered two hours of free domestic cleaning to UK based key workers, and a grant programme was launched in April to provide those who had lost their job or business to the outbreak with £5,000 of investments towards a Working franchise quick start. Additionally, it is looking towards a sustainable future for itself and its franchisees. Fantastic Services believes that environmental corporate responsibility is a must in today’s world, working hard to positively impact all communities it comes across environmentally, socially, and economically.

Fantastic Services has therefore made a name for itself as a great influencing factor that can help communities retain their autonomy – giving small business back what they lost during the pandemic for one thing – and ensuring the eponymous fantastic nature of its services are available in the local area. Its employees, franchisees, and customers can always guarantee to come away energised and invigorated, inspired by the encouraging and empathic environment they find within stores across the globe and excited to come back time and time again, as they so often do.


For business enquiries, contact Christina Koleva via fantasticservices.com.

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