Public relations is vitally important for any company, especially when it comes to building trusted relationships with its customer and client base. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies within consumer tech, fintech, healthcare, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and other industries, NRPR Group serves the best of the best with a very high-touch, results-oriented approach to public relations that positively impacts clients’ bottom lines. Join us now, as we find out what makes NRPR Group a worthy recipient of the title of Most Influential Brand Strategist 2020 – California from Acquisition International.

NRPR Group first came into being back in 2014, under the sage guidance of founder Nicole Rodrigues. Today, the agency works closely with CEOs, CMOs, other C-level and VP-level executives, and internal marketing and PR teams to uncover the passion, vision, and differentiators within any given company, before communicating those stories to media and other influencers. Building a brand with NRPR Group means engaging with relevant and key audiences through powerful storytelling to build visibility for products, executives, and organizations. The NRPR Group team educates clients on how public relations works, and what it can and cannot do. This agency is different in the best way possible; it specializes in helping businesses of all sizes reach their business goals with tailored plans that map back to results.

NRPR Group partners with clients, and works closely with CEOs and key executives to help them increase their footprint and drive areas of the business that they want to call attention to. If the CEO cannot make themself available to the agency and the media, then there will be no successful relationship and communications will break down. NRPR Group always operates ethically and honestly, with integrity, truth, and transparency at the centre of all actions. The extremely high-touch and results-oriented approach to public relations that the firm offers includes marcomms, digital marketing, social media, and video production to help to propel a client to success.

Neither the corporate mission nor the values of the firm have changed over the last six years, and the ongoing mission remains focused on having an agency where both clients and employees are entirely satisfied. Employees who feel empowered are more motivated to deliver high-quality results for clients. The agency is staffed by strong and determined writers, communicators, thinkers, and doers who understand the value of relationships and continue to build long-lasting ties between clients, the media, and influencers who touch key audiences. NRPR Group team members also bring creativity, hard work, and passion every day so that it offers the best work to clients. Everyone at NRPR Group takes pride in their work and in the agency because they have a stake in the success of the agency as a whole.

Over the years, NRPR Group has been incredibly successful thanks to the hard work of the team, and a commitment to excellence across every area of the business. As a result, it has become well-known as an agency of the future, delivering extraordinary results through passionate execution of big ideas, close client partnerships, and exceptional service. It concentrates its efforts on creating relationships and building friendships with the media that result in wins for both the client and the media. Becoming that future of public relations is something that NRPR Group prides itself on and is continuing to work towards by staying ahead of technology and innovation curves.

Looking ahead, the firm has a bright future ahead of it. In 2020, NRPR Group opened its newest division, NRPR Productions, which will increase the agency’s capabilities to include a full-service production company that specializes in branded content, commercials, YouTube series, and corporate videos. As more and more people get connected to the digital world, having branded content across major platforms is a must for businesses that want to succeed in the modern world. In the next year and beyond, NRPR Group is wholly focused on working with more clients than ever to extend their visibility and bring their stories to life in meaningful ways.