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Recognising the clear, unmet need for a reliable one-stop shop for business, financial and professional services, Occams Advisory was founded in 2012 to provide complete solutions in the areas of Business Services and Growth Incubation (BSGI), Capital Markets and Investment Banking (CMIB), Financial Technology and Payment Solutions (FTPS), and Personal Finance, Insurance and Taxation (PFIT). Acquisition International magazine has named the firm Best SME Business Advisory Firm 2022 – California, so we take a closer look at what it has to offer clients.

It is the principle of Occam’s Razor, propounded by William of Occam (1288-1348 AD), an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher, that inspired the name of Occams Advisory. Occam’s Razor is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct. Occams Advisory uses this spirit of problem-solving to provide simple solutions to complex problems, focusing on tangible results, measurable impact and continuous improvement.

Through the company founder, Anupam Satyasheel’s own entrepreneurial experiences, as well as client feedback, Occams is able to serve the small business market by addressing the most pressing needs of entrepreneurs. The company helps entrepreneurs make sense of all aspects of their business by providing clarity out of complexity through proven, customised and integrated solutions that drive long-term, sustainable growth.

Occams not only serves as a trusted advisor, but it is also a key growth partner, supporting its clients through the entire business cycle. By combining Fortune 500 expertise with entrepreneurial experience and a global, diverse perspective, the company delivers world-class advisory services to small businesses.

This couldn’t be done without Occams’ highly motivated team which has been formed in line with the factors of collaboration, diversification, and inclusion. It recruits people with exceptional talents, abilities, and potential in an environment which enhances their personal growth to apex levels. Occams believes in engaging people who are instinctively inclined to support its clients and yet challenge them to superior levels.

The company creates a work culture where the client’s success is synonymous with its own. It believes that success is to do the right thing by its clients, its people and its communities. Occams’ team of people are smart and driven but also solely focus on high-quality output and getting the job done.

Occams values the relationships it builds; unless it can become an extension of its clients’ agendas and expectations, it considers itself sub-optimal in its efforts. Its single-minded dedication to exceeding clients’ expectations is the reason its they recommend the company to others. People at Occams work hard but try not to take themselves too seriously.

While maintaining a top team, the company also focuses its attention on conducting business in a responsible and ethical way. It contributes to climate change and environmental preservation, endeavouring to create positive changes to business and society as a whole, with guidance from its values and principles. Commitment to responsible business practices is always prioritised.

Occams works with non-profits across the globe to achieve results for all its stakeholders. It aims to instil a sense of awareness in its clients, its communities, but importantly, its people. Occams’ deep belief is that change is holistic and drives its people to care about real change. It strives to be fully engaged on the issues that affect its stakeholders and the company itself.

Over its lifetime, Occams has contributed to society by funding education opportunities and providing clothes and essential items to over 15,000 children and adults across North America, and multiple African and South Asian countries. It has also consistently contributed 1-2% of its top line to charitable causes globally.

Meanwhile, the company’s services have touched more than 1,000,000 lives, served over 10,000 clients with distinction, enabled 10,000 children’s education, and brought professional empowerment to over 1,000 people across six countries. Occams has been rewarded over the years for its contribution with numerous acknowledgements from clients, cohorts, communities, and constituencies – including media houses as prominent as Financial Times and Inc magazine.

And it has now seen great success in the 2022 Global Excellence Awards. Anupam Satyasheel said, “One more feather added to the cap as we are delighted to announce that Occams Advisory Inc. has been awarded the Best SME Business Advisory Firm 2022 – California.

“While these accolades matter to us, our real reward continues to be the satisfaction and gratitude of our clients and our cohorts, because it is they who make all this possible.”

For business enquiries, contact Occams Advisory Inc. via email – info@occamsadvisory.com or on their website – www.occamsadvisory.com