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The UK offers many exciting opportunities to those who are looking to do good business, but finding an immigration solution that suits your specific needs is by no means simple. The team at Global Immigration Law know this topic well and offer expert advice to make sure your business plans run as smoothly as possible. In Acquisition International’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, the team were named Most Outstanding Immigration Counselling Firm 2022 – London. We took a closer look to find out more.

When it comes to setting up a business in the UK, or even expanding a current business with new talent and specialists, it pays to turn to a team that understands the unique immigration challenges involved. The wrong line of action at this early stage can make the biggest difference to the success of a project. Fortunately, the team behind Global Immigration Law are on hand at all times to guarantee success as far as possible.

Pulling together a diverse team of individuals is never an easy task, but the results truly do speak for themselves. Teams made of the brightest and best from a range of different backgrounds thrive, and that’s something that Global Immigration Law can help its corporate clients to achieve. The team also provide immigration solutions to highly qualified immigrants, artists, academicians, IT specialists and applicants who are graduates of STEM fields. These high-in-demand figures are offered sponsorship license application and management services, visa consultancy services regarding skilled worker visa and Global Business Mobility Visa routes to name but some of the options currently available.

Since first opening its doors, the Global Immigration Law team have been committed to delivering a service that exudes professionalism, integrity, establish good communication with our clients and successful outcomes. Their strength comes from combining a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sector with a personable approach that inspires confidence. Visa processes can be nerve-wracking and this team take it as seriously as if it were their own. All that matters is the desired result, and over the years, the Global Immigration Law team have proven that they will go above and beyond to achieve precisely that.

The holistic nature of the team’s work has meant that Global Immigration Law is often in high demand for its impressive services. Working right from the beginning of the visa application process until clients receive their visa grants, they have a reputation within the industry that is second to none. Their tenacity means that they are trusted not just by businesses, but innovators within the sector. What sets them apart is their detailed knowledge of the constantly changing state of the immigration system. New techniques and paths for entry such as Global Business Mobility Visa, expansion worker visa, Startup visa and the scale up visa are often overlooked by firms. Not so for the team at Global Immigration Law who leave no stone unturned.

The daily challenges faced by the team change depending on the client and on their specific needs. Sometimes clients apply having been refused for their visa grants and these files must be recovered from other agencies to re-apply. Currently, there is a high demand in business visa applications and one of the greatest challenges of companies that would like to set up branches or assign employees in the UK is that finding a competent immigration advisor who can handle and manage the project. The continued success of the team in this regard is why they are so trusted. Their success rate where others fail is part of the reason that once people have turned to this team, they do not turn away.

Key to this high standard is the commitment of the staff at Global Immigration Law. Those who work for the team are vital to the success of the business, which means that new talent is recruited based on their passion for the immigration sector. It’s possible to learn how to do the job well, but having the drive to do that is no easy task. Soft skills are also essential, as the firm prides itself on a high standard of customer service. In this sector, with emotions and tempers sometimes running high, this is no easy task. At the end of the day, the client must come first and it’s essential that those who make things happen for clients have their interests as top priority.

Looking ahead, the team at Global Immigration Law are exploring ways of expanding internationally themselves. The firm has plans to increase its sphere of influence whilst focusing in on new routes for entry into the UK. The Home Office is developing new visa types for businesses and companies, and this has opened up a new market for corporate immigration solutions for new investors, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople.

It’s not just the team at Global Immigration Law that are looking ahead. Their customers are also exploring ways in which their HR services can be maintained once their new employees have arrived. With companies needing to keep all the documents and records in check, it’s natural that Global Immigration Law takes on this task. The growth of the firm into this administrative field reflects the way in which they have committed to offering their client a truly holistic service.

The success of Global Immigration Law matches the increasing demand for people to move easily around the world. Thanks to this impressive firm, companies based in the UK have access to the best talent on an international scale. To businesses, it’s a boon, to the team at Global Immigration Law, it’s a passion. We cannot wait to see what they do next.

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