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Article Image - Riverbed: SD-WAN’s Latest Innovator
Posted 5th December 2016

Riverbed: SD-WAN’s Latest Innovator

Riverbed is a leading technology provider which supports applications, websites, networks, data centers, the cloud, and remote offices to work more efficiently.

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Riverbed: SD-WAN’s Latest Innovator

Riverbed is a leading technology provider which supports applications, websites, networks, data centers, the cloud, and remote offices to work more efficiently. We spoke to Liz Saucedo to learn more about this dynamic and innovative business and the services it provides.

Businesses of Distinction

Established in 2002, Riverbed is an IT applications performance company which started life as a wide area network specialist in order to fill a gap in the market for clients looking to transfer network details across a large area. SteelHead, the firm’s first WAN optimisation product, formed the basis of the firm’s product offering, which now includes SDWAN solutions, which Liz is eager to discuss in greater detail.

“A storied company with a long legacy of market leadership, Riverbed pioneered WAN optimization. Since then we have expanded our solutions for the software-defined era, and are now at the center of hybrid networking, the cloud, SD-WAN, SaaS, mobile, big data, and infrastructure visibility. In short, we are building a software-defined architecture for digital business.

“Our latest development is SD-WAN is software wide area network optimisation, and these innovative solutions ensure that we do not have to physically ship products to our customers, cutting down on costs, installation time and maintenance.

“However it is how our products work together that ensures true efficiency; when they are integrated together they help with hybrid networking and infrastructure visibility, enabling clients to identify where a breakdown is themselves, as well as providing data analytics.”

The firm’s product offering now encompasses four revolutionary solutions: SteelHead, the firm’s core product which was key to bringing the firm to market and remains the firm’s most popular product; SteelFusion, a hybrid networking product; SteelCentral, which supports visibility; as well as Riverbed’s latest offering, SteelConnect, the firm’s SD-WAN solution.

Working with over 28,000 customers, all of whom are businesses seeking solutions to spread their network reach over a wide area. As a hallmark of the firm’s dedication to excellence, 97% of Forbes 100 global companies utilise their systems to improve their success. These firms choose Riverbed’s solutions, according to Liz, rests on its impressive client service and their specialist knowledge.

“Our internal culture breeds smart, dedicated employees, and as such they are able to provide a high level of client service which marks us out as a great option for customers.

“Alongside this another key selling point for Riverbed is our sector specialism. Unlike many of our major competitors we only provide WAN solutions. By focusing on just one niche area we are able to focus more on providing the products our clients need, listening to our customers and adapting our suite of solutions to suit.” Currently the firm’s major challenge is penetrating the SD-WAN market, which the firm has only just moved into. As leaders in the WAN industry, Riverbed is now eager to expand its presence in this new market, which is valued at around $40 million. In her concluding comments Liz is optimistic about the firm’s move into this new sector as she talks us through its plans to emulate the success that Riverbed has already achieved in the WAN market.

“Moving forward, our key focus will be making our mark on the SD-WAN market and ensuring that we gain a significant share in this exciting sector. Many of competitors are slowly coming around to SD-WAN, but we are offering a product which is at the top of the market and meets the needs of users, and as such we are setting ourselves above the rest and marking ourselves out as the best possible option for any SD-WAN needs. Ultimately we would like to become a market leader in this dynamic market, and look forward to the opportunities for growth and development that this challenge will bring us in the future.”

Company: Riverbed Technology
Address: One Thames Valley
House, Wokingham Rd., Level
2, Bracknell RG42 1NG, UK
Phone: (+44) 1344 401900
Web: www.riverbed.com

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