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Article Image - Protecting Money in the Digital Age
Posted 13th November 2023

Protecting Money in the Digital Age

Money Protects is an innovative financial and technology company based in Dubai, focused on providing clients with services relating to managing wealth and ensuring stable finances that will keep them debt free for a sustainable future.

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Protecting Money in the Digital Age
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Money Protects is an innovative financial and technology company based in Dubai, focused on providing clients with services relating to managing wealth and ensuring stable finances that will keep them debt free for a sustainable future. The company masterfully combines FinTech innovation with its commitment to sustainability, instilling a long-term confidence within the financial services ecosystem as it continues to evolve. Money Protects is pioneering an industry-wide shift in open-banking and financial technology with its three-pronged composite innovation pack, offering financial freedom, increased sustainability, and reduced financial distress through a combination of freedom, wealth and innovative solutions.

Money Protects gets curious people invested in the world of finance, aiming to develop an ecosystem that creates true value for clients, thus giving the firm a clear edge over its competitors in the market. The firm is thriving in the marketplace under the patronage of His Highness Zayed bin Saeed bin Zayed al Nahyan, who acts as a partner for the business and group chairmen. This serves to amplify the presence of the firm in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DFIC).

The company’s two primary areas of speciality are wealth management and providing innovate solutions. In the former, available services are investment, private banking, asset management, and advisory services, all of which are undertaken by a team of experts in their respective fields, who are committed to providing the highest calibre of service and demonstrable results. In the latter, the firm serves to offer a mortgage EMI sleeping period, fixed EMI for life, and double rental/equity release. Once more, these are undertaken to the highest level of excellence, providing clients the highest level of service across the board.

Money Protects offers an incredibly simple solution for prospective clients to interact with its plethora of innovate solutions, a process which begins with creating a profile through the online form, which will automatically craft a customer account in the easily accessible portal. Once this is completed, all of the personal and loan information will be updated, and the KYC credit assessment is performed to assure verification is finalised.

From there, the enrolment process begins, and after all of the KYC credit checks and assessments have been completed and verified, the customer will have an official account within the system. The final stage is the agreement sign-off, and once this has been signed by the customer and they are happy with their Money Protects agreement, they will officially be enrolled, and available to access all that the firm has to offer.

A primary reason for the success of the company is that there exists a considerable amount of untapped space left over by banks and financial institutions, and with current FinTech disruption, a clear way has been paved for new ideas to be planted and flourish across global markets. Money Protects’ target market cuts across people from all different classes and walks of life, on a local and regional basis.

Services offered by the firm are a combination of financial, legal, regulatory, and insurance, with these being used in order to calculate risks and minimise them to an inconsequential level. Money Protects also boasts a wealth of experience in all types of regulatory norms and requirements, with insurance partners that help ensure an effective mix that will ultimately contribute to greater sustainability.

It is the target of the firm to offer customised digital solutions, in areas such as market risk, credit risk, asset protection, and any other services that are related to financial structure. Money Protects is aware of the need for financial consulting businesses in the modern environment to offer a sophisticated and diverse approach, and the company remedies this need through a wide range of digitally equipped, state-of-the-art financial services that the market is so desperately seeking in its hour of need.

All solutions that are available are unique and reliable, and grounded in whatever the market demands. They are based on real, demonstrable solutions that efficiently provide the company’s mandate at a reasonable price. With a team possessing a host of experience in fields inclusive of stockbroker, finance manager, financial consultant, investment banker, financial planner, investment consultant, and investment representative, clients can remain rest assured that the company is well-equipped to cater to all of their needs effectively.

By partnering with more than 15 banks and 50 brokers, the financial intermediary service that Money Protects provides operate on a global scale, contributing to a sustainable economy by bridging gaps that are present in both innovation and technology. Through this, the company aims to reduce UAE’s non-performing loans (NPLs) impairments by approximately AED 20 billion in a timespan of three to five years. As well as this, there are plans to increase consumer reaches in complex financial technology products, serving to offer a higher level of financial stability and equitable growth through the company’s highly simplified services.

The company is entering the industry with a business concept that enables the team to work with people and companies in high places across the country, while at the same time, having the ability cater to smaller businesses and people with a not so high status just as effectively. As a result of this asset building edge, the firm can protect capital and consistent earning, reaching a level of risk bearing threshold with a growth rate of return set at between 12 and 15% and an internal rate of return of 15% deducting inflation. This is achieved through up to a 75% loan-to-value ratio, which can domestically reach 300-400% when invested through European banks as a maximiser.

Once a sustainable approach is forged, clients can go for aggressive products, and although is a long and continuous process, it is groundbreaking in terms of the level of wealth it creates and the sustainable economy which will be built in the long run. Clients can remain confident as the holistic approach adopted by the company to problem elimination is conceptual, bespoke, and has been proven to be risk averse through real numbers. With a business model based on servicing the needs of the people, no other financial entity has a model offering society this level of sustainability, bridging the gap between consumers and the market.

In order to achieve its goals, the company has a series of values that it holds dear in order to shape the decision-making process and manage ethical practices. These values are focus, relevance, engagement, execution, and dedication. It is through these that the company is able to own and manage wealth based solely on the financial needs of its clients.

One noteworthy way that this is achieved is through the company’s leadership, with its owners embodying a key blend of seasoned expertise and a forward-thinking approach. The organisation can thus not only confidently navigate the dynamic financial landscape, but pioneer new innovations that are focused and effective. There is also a keen interest in transforming all of the possible complex financial services into four-tap digital solutions, which will improve the reach of the product delivering them straight to smartphones.

Through a unique combination of strategic foresight, ethical practices, a client-centric philosophy, and visionary leadership of the highest calibre, Money Protects is determined to provide solutions that are easy to use, state-of-the-art, and stand the test of time. In this digital age where everything seems so complicated, a company dedicated to quality leadership patterns and a commitment to sustainable innovation serves to solidify them as experts at the forefront of the industry.

For business enquiries, contact Mirza Beg from Money Protects on their website – https://moneyprotects.com/

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