Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC

In 1974, more than four and a half decades ago, Mohsin Haider Darwish (MHD LLC) was established as a family business in Oman under the outstanding leadership of Late Mohsin Haider Darwish. Now, as the firm enters a new era of success and growth, the mantle of leader has passed to his daughter, Areej Mohsin Haider Darwish. Join us as we find out what makes Areej the Most Influential Female Business Leader 2020 – Oman.

After becoming a Limited Liability company in 1987, MHD LLC has achieved phenomenal progress over the years and contributed largely to the economic growth, development, and all-around prosperity of Oman. With a wide variety of diverse business divisions, the firm offers products and services that cover automotive, tyres, batteries, computers, office automation, telecommunications, engineering products, oil and gas products, electronics and building materials. Offering this vast range of products and services, MHD LLC is proud to be associated with international brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, McLaren, Volvo, MG, Ford, Michelin, Huawei, and Hitachi to name but a few. By building on its business strengths, the firm is looking at forging business collaboration with new business partners under the leadership of their leader Areej Mohsin Haider Darwish.

There are various factors which are attributable to the success of the business, but Areej is most certainly one of the key components. Areej’s father had the keen foresight to envisage the rapid economic development of Oman and the business opportunities that would emerge in the process, but Areej herself has steered the business to new heights on the ladder of success. Today, MHD LLC’s success is a culmination of leadership, planning, perseverance, foresight, and determination. Areej has seized opportunities and developed relationships over the years with business partners, and has instilled dedication and hard work in her employees.

Despite the importance of Areej’s role in the business, clients also play a pivotal role in any organization. The success and growth of an organization is dependent on its clients, as it is the steady stream of clients that increases the clientele and allows the business to prosper over a period of time. At MHD LLC, the firm values its clients immensely, and its relationship with them is not merely transactional, but a long-term one. Since MHD LLC deals with diverse products across different sectors, the firm caters to clients from all walks of life and offers a product for each type of client. Areej has helped her staff better understand the different types of client, and the firm is therefore better equipped to develop successful strategies.

Company culture reflects the organization and its people, and Areej has instilled the best kind of company culture at MHD LLC. Positive and affirming, the workplace culture at the business improves teamwork, raises morale, and increases both productivity and efficiency. The work culture also encourages open communication in a bid to make employees comfortable collaborating with their colleagues at all levels. Equal opportunities for all employees is something that Areej has also strived to implement, always valuing, motivating, and supporting them in their career growth. A content and motivated employee has a higher probability of making significant contributions to the organization. This cycle creates a positive influence on everybody involves, and paves the way to success of an organization.

For all the success that Areej has overseen, there have also been challenges that come with running any business. They are inevitable. However, staying ahead is important, and Areej has ensured that MHD LLC stays ahead in its field. The firm has faced challenges over the last few years, which vary from routine business matters, to the slowdown in economy due to low oil prices. This, coupled with intense competition, has made for a challenging time for the business. Yet, MHD LLC has managed to grow by being prudent, enhancing efficiencies, and diversifying its sources of revenue in line with the country’s vision and their values of focusing on community interests, employees, and customers.

Planning is key to any business, however. Planning for the future, though difficult, is essential to the success of any organization. It may be hard to predict what is coming next at any given time, but MHD LLC and Areej know that staying ahead is paramount for a successful future in business. For Areej, the business strategy will be to prepare itself for a future that is constantly evolving and changing, which necessitates a knowledgeable and expeditious future when considering changes in the business environment.

Looking to the future, MHD LLC is exploring and identifying new markets and additional revenue streams for it to become a part of. It is exploring possibilities regarding bringing new products and international brands to Oman, to meet the future needs of the market and to diversify their sources of revenue in line with the national vision for Oman. Diversifying will take the business into new territories and help build a bigger reach, but the focus will always remain on delivering value to clients by providing them with quality products and services from world-renowned brands. Keeping a tab on market trends and innovations happening around the world in existing and new sectors alike is crucial, and will help MHD LLC identify and venture into new opportunities that will help elevate its profile.

MHD LLC has progressed positively which is attributed to the astuteness and business acumen of Areej, who has slowly and surely become one of the finest and most influential women in business across Oman. As she aligns the MHD LLC vision with that of Oman’s national vision, Areej is one of the finest leaders operating within the region today.