Neurocoaching looks to show all engineers the power they have inside and bring them into a space for looking inside of what they are, what they are doing and what is their professional goals. In my view, the world is moving in the wrong direction and are like a big slow dinosaur that always lags behind. We must leave behind the old structures, thoughts and beliefs if we want to be able to face the future.

This involves a number of different things. Firstly, we need to stop being so concerned for ourselves, and look to others instead. We need to be more engaged with the world and be more prepared to give than to receive.

Furthermore, we have to teach our children and the youth about cooperation and collaboration. The era of competition has finished, the world is a big network where all we need is to do networking and cooperate with each other. If we work together, we are all winners.

To get all of this, we have to learn to listen. I believe that listening can be broken down into three levels: language, body and emotions. Basically, you just need to know the other person, know how he/she feels, thinks and needs. Emotional intelligence is so important and perhaps more than ever in this day and age.

The world is constantly moving, and the old ways of working are fading into obscurity. There are no more fixed schedules, fixed places, old bosses and competitive workers fighting each other. This does not work anymore. Large enterprises (excluding a few) will surely disappear because most are based on needs of the nineteenth century. Things simply must change.

Things must change in many ways, but if I were to focus on one area it would be education. It is so necessary to maintain or increase the training not only in a personal level but also in a professional or corporate side. Technology is moving in the fastest speed ever seen, and it is so important to be state of art and up to speed with the developments in the industry.

Our education system is outdated, and is still focused on the industrial era in the nineteenth century, which of course ended long, long ago. As I said before, everything has changed and continues to change dramatically. Facing this issue can be complicated, and companies have neither the time nor the tools and things do not work. Coaching appears to be that tool that change organisations and therefore people from within.

Coaching opens the space that we have today to connect with us and our present. To know where we are, what we are doing and who we are today. By coaching we can discover our mindsets, learn to change them if they do not help us change our patterns of behaviour, to see things from different perspectives, develop skills we need and uncover the wealth of energy and power we have inside to approach it to achieve what we want. For all of this, coaching is a great tool, and the master key that opens the Pandora’s Box of our enormous power.

Neurocoaching is intended for engineers and this specialisation is what separates us from the pack. Because I know the industry, I know their mental pattern, how we work, how we operate and how they feel. I understand them and all of this is a big connection between us. I know also the different technological enterprises both nationally and internationally and that facilitates communication understanding as well as fluidity and connection when more technical or corporate issues appear.

And of course, our industry is no exception to the constant challenges and opportunities faced by businesses today. The main challenges are the misuse of the word ‘coach’ and ‘coaching’, which implies a disregard of our work and our professionalism. There are a large number of coaches there and a lot of people are unaware of the degree of experience and expertise that good coaching requires.

Another important issue is how to reach people who are your target with the right and precise information but at the same time not by boring them with emails and other materials. In today’s age, it is so important to save yourself from the constant bombardment of information and our aim is to spread the good word about our business in a way that is professional, skilful and accurate. We hope that this strategy will help us build upon our success and begin to help even more businesses thrive in today’s world.

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