At Naprotek, we are focused on solving the biggest challenges in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry. We thrive on next generation challenges and our experts deliver cutting edge technology support from new product introduction (NPI) to Supply Chain Management and more. Our goal is to provide constant deployment of new technologies and advancement trends to flawlessly manufacture challenging, leading edge products developed in the heart of Silicon Valley.

As Founder, President and CEO of Naprotek, Inc., it is a great honor to receive the award for “CEO of the Year 2016 – California”. For over 21 years, I have taken great pride in developing Naprotek into an industry leader. Born in Lebanon, I immigrated to the United States at a young age. I was fortunate to join the electronics industry during the early 1980’s and witnessed and participated in the electronic revolution in Silicon Valley. I quickly advanced to management positions in cutting edge start-up companies such as Best Labs, Diasonics, SCI and Fine Pitch Technology.

My experience in developing and improving SMT processes, coupled with my strength in management and leadership, proved to be a significant asset in building and launching my own company. My dream was to start my own business and as I continued to acquire the knowledge in the electronic industry and the contract manufacturing of the printed circuit board assembly service, I felt it was the right time to start my own company. I recognized there was a unique opportunity for a business that focuses on small volume, engineering and prototypes, and in 1995, decided to establish Naprotek, Inc.

Since the founding of Naprotek, my company has received many accolades and awards for delivering innovative solutions to the EMS industry. For long years and since the early 1980’s I witnessed the transition period into the surface mount technology, I teamed with talented engineers on implementing the process and training the workforce. Along with tools and equipment manufacturers I had the chance to participate in developing a solution to support the surface mount technology (SMT) latest technology and processes.
Naprotek has also served many different sectors including the Military, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, R & D, Consumer and Semiconductors sectors. Many of our customers have experienced the pain of producing their prototype and/or low volume assembly off shore and, in many instances, there was no price benefit to them. Many companies require local support here in the United States where proximity can provide quick turn prototypes and low to medium volume production. Naprotek has provided ideal solutions for these companies as we focus on engineering prototypes and delivering small volume.

The ethos of Naprotek At Naprotek, we are deeply committed to the highest level of quality in our professional performance and the precise execution of our project goals. We also invest in innovation to ensure our ability to support the constant deployment of new technologies and advancement trends common for our customer base. Furthermore, we invest in hiring and retaining the best employees to join our team.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Naprotek stands out as an industry leader in its ability to flawlessly manufacture the challenging, leading edge products that the region continually introduces. From quick-turn prototypes to low-tomedium volume PCBAs and box builds, we provide engineering and manufacturing support for the latest technologies and the most demanding applications.
Throughout the lifecycle process, Naprotek is committed to deliver the highest levels of customer service. Indeed, we tailor our services to fit each customer’s needs and support each project with an experienced team of program managers. In addition to a workforce certified in IPC 610 and J-STD-001, 62% of our employees have been in the company for over 15 years and have developed the skillset that is lacking in other Tier I and Tier II companies.

Naprotek’s revenue goal for 2016 is just under $20 million. Previously our model was to work with R&D and produce the front end assembly to support prototypes. However, over the years, we transitioned into servicing the low-to-medium volume production for companies. Over the course of the past few years, we progressed to a full integration model. In addition, we have a partnership with Tier I EMS providers to seamlessly ramp higher volume production offshore once production levels have increased beyond lowvolume production locally in the US. Our plan is to double our revenue in the next 5 years. We have an end-to-end solution including X-Ray, Optical Solder Paste Inspection, Flying Probe, ICT and box build capabilities. We have installed three new SMT lines since 2013 and the advanced equipment has doubled our capacity, thereby enabling us to achieve our future growth plans accordingly.

Technology To support the technology as well as the constant changes that occur in this fast growing industry, operating with the most advanced equipment is essential. This is why Naprotek has made it a priority to continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment. Proactive planning for the anticipated growth prepared us for the timely replacement of obsolete equipment. We are equipped with the latest technologies including the placement of the challenging 01005 parts, QFN’s packages, the Mini BGA’s, and also some 0402 LED’s and Sensors. We have made the equipment upgrades for 2016 and are anticipating more upgrading technologies in 2017.

Challenges in the industry As we move into the future, a significant challenge the Advanced Manufacturing Industry will face is the availability of a highly-skilled workforce. A major concern I have is whether or not Silicon Valley will have access to direct and talented labor. As technology progresses, the Advanced Manufacturing industry will need an influx of employees, but will there be enough training for the next generation to sustain the growth?

Another concern is the consolidation of smaller EMS providers that are undercapitalized and without a diversified customer base. One of Naprotek’s strongpoints is that 80% of revenue is generated from our top 20 customers, as compared to the industry norm of only 3-5 customers.

There is also discussion about automation and big data driving the business and Naprotek will have to continue to stay abreast of new trends.

Company: Naprotek, Inc.

Name: Najat Badriyeh



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