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Founded in 2014, Dunaud Clarenc Combles & Associes brings together private and public experience and a culture of industry expertise and customised consulting, with an identity and a reputation formed through our work in the areas of litigation, institutional relations and international affairs .

Dunaud Clarenc Combles & Associes provides expertise and interdisciplinary assistance in sensitive or regulated sectors, network industries, content and data, and in all the activities for which intellectual property is a key asset. The contentious activity of litigation is also at the heart of our services.

As part of its advisory activities, Dunaud Clarenc Combles & Associes provides a thorough practice of public affairs at national, European and international levels as well as the level of local authorities.

Dunaud Clarenc Combles & Associes provides independent assistance in international investment, international trade regulation, international compliance, relations with international institutions, government contracts, private contracts and international arbitration or international mediation.

We also provide independent and qualified assistance in connection with international investments, international business regulations, international compliance, government contracts, international contracts and international arbitration and mediation.

We offer our clients expertise that is second to none as well as interdisciplinary advice in connection with protected sectors, regulated activities, network, content and data industries in all activities for which intellectual property is an essential asset.

The firm’s expertise is based on in-depth knowledge of each sector and the interaction of the different legal regimes that govern their ecosystems.

The firm provides advice to asset holders in these sectors with regards to governance, investments, acquisitions, partnerships, authorisations and permits, regulatory matters, public and private contracts, market practices and liability, institutional relations and all forms of litigation, be it domestic or international.

We have specific expertise in the following key areas:
• Communications and internet
• Media and content
• Defence and security
• Information systems and data
• Energy
• Urban services
• Financial services
• Luxury

Our practice covers the following areas:
• Companies and governance
• Regulatory and sector regulation
• Competition
• Intellectual property
• Commerce
• Products and consumer protection
• Reputation and privacy
• Public entities
• Government contracting and regional authorities
• European Union and International Law

With significant experience with respect to complex risks and strategic litigation, our attorneys offer advice in public and private litigation brought before civil, commercial, criminal and administrative courts, regulatory authorities or arbitral panels.

Particularly, we provide assistance in the following matters:
• Corporate litigation (companies and public entities) managers and directors liability
• Competition and economic regulation
• Intellectual property
• Trade secrets
• Commercial litigation
• Libel and slander
• Product liability
• Consumer rights
• Professional liability
• Administrative law (regulatory, permits, markets and contracts)
• Arbitration and mediation (domestic and international)
• Investigations and searches and seizures
• Internal audits and compliance

Dunaud Clarenc Combles & Associes’ practice in international affairs is well-established and fully independent.

The firm offers advice in the following areas:
• Foreign and international investments
• Investment, export and technology, material and data transfer controls
• Government contracts
• Marine shipping and security
• Regulatory, specific legal regimes, restrictions, sanctions and disputes with respect to international commerce
• Risk and international compliance programs
• International investigations
• International private contracts
• International arbitration
Dunaud Clarenc Combles & Associes also has the ability to advise and coordinate projects or international litigation through its large network of local counsels with whom the firm works closely.

We have the capacity to assist our clients in the following countries:
• United States, Canada
• Germany, United Kingdom, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania
• Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
• Israel
• Turkey
• Sub-Saharan Africa
• Qatar, United Arab Emirates
• Morocco, Tunisia, Libya
• Japan, Singapore, Hong-Kong
• Brazil