When people used to think about how they could improve their lives, they may have focused on physical health or finding a better job. Now people look to personal wellness experts to improve their lives from every angle. Keeping track of your wellness means monitoring your mental and physical health to maintain them in the long run, but it can be hard to do by yourself.

These top innovative wellness companies of 2020 have found new ways to help people on their personal journeys. Read on to learn how they’ve made their mark on the industry and helped so many people.

1. Calm

Personal wellness experts often advise people to meditate to lower stress and find clarity. Many haven’t tried it before and may feel intimidated. They might imagine they need a quiet room or an instructor to do it correctly, but that’s where Calm comes in.

Calm is a company that produced an app to redefine modern meditation. Anyone can download it and learn how to meditate with its many free courses. There’s also the option to learn about self-improvement and listen to sleep stories to help calm your mind at bedtime. In 2019, two users downloaded and tried the app every second, leading to over 50 million downloads in total.

2. Whoop

Fitness trackers fade in and out of popularity every year, but the Whoop wrist band hasn’t. Although it used to be popular among only the best athletes, people of all fitness levels use it to track their workout intensity, sleep performance and recovery. For an extra monthly payment, users can access software services to get a better picture of their current state of wellness.

3. Carrot

Carrot Inc. dedicates its time to make it easier for people to quit smoking. It created a Pivot program with a guide to show smokers how to leave cigarettes behind for good, even if participants don’t feel like it. The app, FDA-approved breath sensor, counseling and online community reduces smoking by 29%, according to a recent study.

4. Arizona IV Medics

Modern medicine presents a variety of methods to treat illnesses, but Arizona IV Medics has found a way to help patients with immediate needs through IV therapy. Each treatment gives minerals and vitamins to patients through their bloodstream, relieving a variety of symptoms without the use of painkillers. 

5. Ayana

No matter what you’ve experienced in life, it’s always a good idea to check in with a therapist to gauge how well your mental health is doing. It’s one thing to read about counselors in your city, but it’s another to find one that can understand your personal experience if you’re part of a marginalized community.

Ayana created an app where people can find a licensed therapist based on their gender, race, orientation and more. Once a user finds someone they feel comfortable with, they can use the app to connect virtually. No one has to skip therapy because of a busy schedule or transportation issues.

Wellness Is All-Inclusive

These companies made this list because they understand that wellness is all-inclusive. It means taking care of your mental and physical health, like getting proper nutrition through IV therapy or quitting smoking. Businesses that open the wellness world to more people will change the future, which is why it’s essential to recognize this kind of progress.