Office Redesign

The office space motivates team members to deliver their best during the workday if the design inspires them. If the office seems dull and dreary, the workers might be too. Realizing the office needs a change is the first step to a beautiful redesign.

Not all companies have a large budget for implementing significant design changes, but not all changes will cost an arm and a leg. Businesses can improvise by using various materials they already have around the office or keep décor to a minimum for a clean look. Still, there are a few things the company may want to work on incorporating into their budget-savvy office redesign. That said, read on to learn eight tips for a budget-savvy office redesign!


1. Bring Nature Indoors

Natural elements like plants and grass bring calm to a busy office, and the good news is it doesn’t cost much. Offices can always do with more oxygen the plants produce and blend in well with the existing décor. Another addition to liven up the space would be to put down some artificial turf to round off the look.

Green is a calming color and would generally go well with other colors. There are many options for indoor plants. Some could hang, some stand in awkward corners, and others display nicely on the desks. The waiting area or reception is perfect for adding more plants and artificial turf.


2. Rearrange the Open Plan Office

An open-plan office is the most budget-savvy way to style the office. The design elements carry through the space with fewer individual areas like offices or cubicles. If there is a limit on the budget, perhaps the team can rearrange the furniture according to how it will suit their needs.


3. Get Creative With Dividers

Those old standing partitions are so outdated, but there are a few ways of sprucing them up to look good as new. Instead of throwing them out, attach some plastic ivy plants to them to cover the entire surface. It will brighten up the design immediately.


4. Repurpose Office Furniture

Some office furniture is solid wood structures that could be timeless if repurposed. Before adding too many new furniture items to the budget for a redesign, see if any items need a coat of paint or sanding instead of replacing them. This is one of the least expensive ways you can implement when redesigning your office.


5. Create a Simplistic Atmosphere

The best solution for cash-strapped offices that want to redesign their space is to adopt a simplistic look for the work area. It isn’t necessary to have many expensive things to make an office stand out from the rest. A minimalistic look is modern and clutter-free, which is conducive to productivity. These changes can happen gradually, and not everything has to happen simultaneously. Companies can focus on one area at a time while leaving the other areas more simplistic for the time being.


6. Decide On a Focal Point

Companies could spend thousands on wall art or fancy design elements, but not all offices need that. The business can choose one signature wall that will be the focal point of the office. Then, paint it a bright color or spend money on a decal representing them as a company.


7. Incorporate the Current Design

Buildings could have some unique features that are often underutilized. Create a new coffee station from the dingy little corner no one uses, or make use of curved walls to bring an exciting element to the office layout. Also, businesses with a wall of windows on one side make for the perfect setting to move team desks up to them. Natural light improves mood and ambiance, so use what the office already has to improve.


8. Do More Research

Before starting any redesign, look around for more ideas that could fit into the company budget. There are many resources available online, interior designers could give some advice or tips, and office furniture suppliers could have free catalogs with beautiful colored pictures of offices already stylized with their furniture.


Rolling It Into One

Businesses shouldn’t stress too much about the expenses of creating an office space their employees will love. Not all changes require enormous spending, especially when taking some of these tips to heart. Simple adjustments and repurposing items can bring a new ambiance to the office and are more budget-savvy than companies may think. A little creativity, teamwork, and a few novelties could transform the office in no time.