the complience work book

Innovate to Improve

Ensuring that safety procedures are completely and totally compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations is becoming increasingly important with more guidelines coming into effect every year. One firm, The Compliance Workbook (TCW), are helping clients simplify safety, compliance and budgetary tasks through the enthusiastic and sagacious leadership of CEO Ryan Dempsey. Discover why he is definitely one to watch heading into a new decade.

Focused on delivering the utmost compliance within safety and budget management, TCW assist organisations across a myriad of sectors with their various asset administration needs. A daunting task which every organisations must be held responsible for, asset management can include a wealth of individual tasks to remain legally and statutorily compliant, especially when working in the areas of electrical, gas, fire, and asbestos amongst others. Organisations have to abide by compliance principles of asset management, and CEO Ryan Dempsey is on hand to help with all obligations and compliance needs.

Since the company’s founding in 2016, TCW has provided a complete solution of indisputable accountability. With millions of documents ingested and analysed to date, Ryan and his team have remained passionate and dedicated to creating innovative technology with positive impacts. All documents can be stored in one place, before being accessed, analysed, and assessed in totally unique ways. Rather than spend time finding risks and identifying them, clients who use the firm’s software can spend more of their time rectifying risks.

Improved quality assurance and actively avoiding the bare minimum or status quo should be a starting point for any organisations route to total compliance. Greater compliance at all levels can help elevate the standards of safety and sustainability with client organisations, and eventually, the public. Overseeing TCW’s crucial work in enhancing safety and compliance is CEO Ryan Dempsey.

Ryan’s passion and drive towards helping continually improve safety and compliance is unmatched across the industry. His motivation has seen TCW implement innovative and forward-thinking software for a variety of organisations and sectors such as social housing, rail, and the insurance market amongst others. Ultimately, Ryan’s philosophy filters throughout the firm and has resulted in an admirable mission statement; innovate to make a positive difference through trust, respect and honestly, with the ultimate goal to improve safety.

Building on an abundance of industry knowledge, Ryan’s involvement in helping companies increase risk awareness and compliance levels has seen him start and continue a series of fantastic projects. As well as leading the outstanding work going on at TCW, Ryan is also a founding member of the e5 Group, a non-profit organisation that is passionate about the electrical industry, ethical working, supporting others, and inspiring people to do more. He has also chaired the Electrical Safety Roundtable, leading the discussion on defining a Code of Practice for the Management of Electrotechnical Care in Social Housing.

One of the major benefits that Ryan has cultivated for TCW is the team, who constantly bring unparalleled levels of knowledge and passion for making the world a safer place. Comprised of multiple talented entrepreneurs and ex-plc directors, Ryan and co-founders Ian Woolsey, COO and Ben Ford, Technical Director have established a culture of trust and respect where each individual is valued, as are their opinions. Ian’s expertise over the last 30 years has seen his involvement in accountancy and programming; accomplishments including producing an electrical calculation programme used by Norweb and BNFL amongst others, and an online data information company PhoneLink (now known as GB Group Plc). Ben benefits from many years implementing groundbreaking data-driven broadcast video experiences for the likes of Formula 1 and The Tour De France. His extensive experience has been pivotal in the development of the unique key features within TCW.

Agility is another core competency instilled within the workforce, encouraging them not to be stifled by convention, but rather limited purely by their own imagination. Operating with independence and remarkable resourcefulness, the team can think, move, and act quickly to help implement new and innovative software solutions that can radically increase safety and compliance.

Technology has meant that Ryan now operates with a dream that TCW could be implemented in every organisation, wherever they may be in the world. Despite these ambitious plans, Ryan brings an incomparable enthusiasm and passion to make it happen. Surrounded by a team of grounded co-directors, Ryan’s feet remain squarely on the ground, but with the knowledge that his firm’s offerings are exactly what the industry need more of across the world.

Ultimately, Ryan’s desire and eagerness has seen TCW become a formidable force within the compliance and safety industry, helping organisations of all kinds be as safe as they can possibly be. Where others might simply prefer to bury heads in the sand and carry on as things have always been, Ryan is keen to show them the light, and prove that there is a safer and far more efficient way of doing business. With true innovation bringing about remarkable improvement, this CEO is definitely one to watch moving forwards.