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Article Image - Brazil’s Go-To Boutique Law Firm
Posted 31st August 2016

Brazil’s Go-To Boutique Law Firm

Based in Brazil, Maristela Basso Lawyers have become nationally renowned for their highly specialised legal services.

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Brazil’s Go-To Boutique Law Firm

Brazil’s Go-To Boutique Law Firm

IP Practitioner of the Year – Brazil

Based in Brazil, Maristela Basso Lawyers have become nationally renowned for their highly specialised legal services. We provide highly customised legal services in both Brazil and abroad, and operate in a number of different areas. With over 30 years’ experience in the practice of law, the firm also offers clients efficient and highly personalised support, which is one of the many reasons why our firm stands out as the go-to boutique law firm in Brazil.

In terms of Maristela Basso Advogados’s mission, the firm aims to develop a deep understanding of the client – whether it
is a firm, an individual or a corporation – in order to efficiently attend to their needs and take into consideration the micro and macroeconomic contexts of the country. Our first step with any client, is to listen attentively to understand the problem and propose the appropriate solution, or to present alternative scenarios, so that a choice can be made in terms of the most satisfactory and reassuring option at a given moment. Our objective is to provide each client with a special response, in an atmosphere which values their individuality, supports their choices and acknowledges their importance.

As such, Maristela Basso Advogados has wealth of expertise in the area of intellectual property, especially in providing juridical expert opinion. In this field, our firm relies on broad experience and gives counsel to our clients so that they can obtain consistent protection of their rights, based on the legal landmark set by WTO – TRIPS and based on the new Brazilian laws on intellectual property, technology, innovation, biodiversity and so on.

The firm also advise clients on the preparation and negotiation of national and international contracts regarding technology transference, licensing of trademarks and patents, copyright, software, biotechnology, as well as our practice in administrative and judicial litigations on intellectual property.

As for the region we are based in, Brazil’s economic development has been thriving. As a result, our law practice has grown in tandem with this development, and the attorneys here have acquired deeper knowledge of the technical and academic fields, providing an even greater level of specialisation and dedication to our clients.

In this context, the legal practice at Maristela Basso Lawyers follows in the footsteps of its founding lawyer and thus is guided by her commitment to quality and punctuality of the services, as well as her compliance with the clients’ needs, constant and non-competitive collaboration with other law firms, swiftness of action, and the originality and creativity of the responses.

Added to the firm’s expertise is the fact that Maristela Basso is a Professor of Intellectual Property Law at University of São Paulo Law School. As a result, this keeps her constantly up to speed on any new issues in the national and international levels.
Furthermore, we have recently expanded our IP expertise in the area of online and IT technology.

It is our belief that the juridical approach to the areas of information technology (IT) and the internet must take into account the convergence of telecommunication technologies in different services. In this context, we approach the telecommunications and intellectual property laws in an integrated fashion, offering equally integrated solutions concerning infrastructure and content in the areas of information technology and the internet.

Maristela Basso Advogados has experience in the drafting and negotiation of contracts involving IT services and assets, such as consultancy services, software licensing contracts, and contracts for the outsourcing of IT operations.

The firm also offer specialised juridical services on internet issues, among which we highlight legal audits of websites, contracts and expert opinion regarding e-commerce, privacy policies and settlement of disputes concerning copyright, trademarks and internet domain names, alongside juridical assistance to educational institutions that seek to develop e-learning projects.

Although our firm is well equipped in terms of experience and expertise, the field of intellectual property is constantly changing where providing the very best legal assistance is an ongoing process. At the moment, Brazil has e new Law regarding the exploitation of traditional knowledge and its legalisation before the Council for the Management of the Genetic Patrimony (CGEN): Lei nº 13.123 – May 2015.

Ultimately, Maristela Basso Advogados provides a service that always up to speed with the latest developments, and as a result can provide a deeply personalised and dedicated service to each and every one of our clients. We provide expert opinion and respond to inquiries about private international law involving individuals and companies. In the same way, we are highly experienced in dealing with cases that involve civil proceedings, especially issues on international jurisdiction, as well as dealing with homologations and the passing of foreign sentences at the Supreme Justice Court.

The public international law is a field where we have also developed excellence, which comes from our tradition in the study of cases that involve disputes between national laws and international treaties, nationality issues, international protection of the human person, of the environment and of the cultural heritage, and damage liability and reparation.

All of these ingredients combined are what have made such a highly reputable law firm in the region we are based in. As such, we are very confident that we will continue to grow and build on our success in the future.

Maristela Basso Advogados
Name: Maristela Basso
Email: mbasso@
Address: Avenida Brigadeiro
Luiz Antonio, nº 4249 – Jardim
Paulista – CEP 01401-002 –
São Paulo – SP – Brazil
Phone: 55 11 30571663


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