Working in the IT industry can mean anything, from sorting out any customer’s internet issues to developing a program for an organization’s cloud infrastructure. As we know, the work of IT departments is so diverse that the skills one would need to add to their resume can all depend upon their specific role.

By adding up some in-demand IT skills, you can easily enhance your resume to get good job offers. With such skills, you can also show employers that you are fully updated with modern technologies.

Coding Skills

It will be an understatement if we say that understanding the programming languages like C++, SQL, Python, Java, Powershell, Ruby, and JavaScript are the IT skills that are in demand. These programming languages, on the other hand, cover almost every aspect of IT jobs. So, if you are applying for any technical position in any organization, learning these skills is a must.

Project Management

If you want to land a high-paying IT job, you should have a strong technical, organizational, and management background on your resume. These are truly profitable for those who even possess these skills. So, project management is one of the popular modern technologies that can surely let you access many high-paying IT careers. Even getting a certification as a project management professional (PMP) is like a cherry on the cake for getting good jobs.


This is a combination of development and operations that itself acts as a bridge between the IT and the software development teams. Including Dev-ops on your resume can help you get both IT and development jobs in the organization. So, to become a DevOps engineer, you just need some skills like:

  • You should be familiar with cloud operations.
  • You must be aware of container technologies like Kubernetes or Docker.
  • You should be familiar with the workings of scripting languages like C, Ruby, and Python.


Social media management

Many organizations have a dedicated social media team for them, however, it is good if even the other employees know about social media. For example, if you are in a marketing firm, then knowing about social media skills can help you create great marketing strategies. By adding this skill to your resume, you can enhance your communication skills too.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and is a skill that is useful for both data professionals and programmers. Machine learning has become one of the most prominent skills that have to be learned by many in this technology sphere, along with some other basic skills like:


Deep learning techniques, and the parametric and the nonparametric algorithms

Cloud computing

Cloud engineering has become the most in-demand IT skill that has created a huge demand for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, and many other similar cloud development platforms. Also, if you are a certified Google professional cloud architect or a certified AWS solutions architect, that can surely attract many organizations to your resume.


Every day, every human being is moving towards an online system, which has increased the need for secure networks and digital infrastructures. Therefore, cybersecurity skills are in high demand these days. Even if you earn a cybersecurity certification, that can pave your way toward many high-paying IT roles. Some of the basic skills listed below are also required if you are adding cybersecurity to your resume:

  • How to install routers and firewalls
  • Data encryption
  • You must be familiar with networks, and physical and software security.
  • Ethical hacking


How to gain these IT skills?

While preparing your resume, you can surely go through the above list of in-demand IT skills that can make your resume visible to employers. However, still, you must be thinking first about how you can gain these skills, so below are some ways to do the same.

Teach yourself many of the above-mentioned programming languages, either through online courses or through home projects.

Study hard and get the certifications, because certifications are a strong way to get high-paying IT jobs.

Study at good colleges and get your computer science degree, which can help you to understand the basics of this computer world.


In today’s technology-driven world, it is not at all a secret that learning computer skills has become a vital requirement to get good IT jobs. If you are looking for good and high-paying IT jobs, learning the above-mentioned IT skills and adding them to your resume can surely help you get the jobs.