Whether you’re in the finance or business industry, getting an internship can help you impress your future employers. With that said, landing a great intern role can be a challenge if you don’t know what you’re doing. This article will help get you one step closer to your dream field.

How to Land a Great Role as an Intern in Your Dream Field

If you’re dreaming of landing a great role as an intern in your desired career field, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 steps you can take to get your next big internship.

Research Potential Employers

Spend time researching potential employers that align with your career goals and interests. Get to know their company culture and values, as well as any current openings that may be available for interns. Some employers offer paid internships, so consider applying for those.

Build a Professional Profile

Build an online presence by creating a professional profile on LinkedIn that showcases your skills, experience, and qualifications for the position you’re applying for. If you have personal social media accounts, scrub them of any offensive content that could cost you the interview.

Write Out a List of Achievements

List out any previous accomplishments that would demonstrate why you’re an ideal candidate for an internship position at a particular company. This could include awards, publications, academic honors, internships, and volunteer experiences. Add this information to your resume. 

Create a Strong Resume 

A strong resume can set you apart from other applicants, but writing one isn’t easy. Consider looking at examples of well-written resumes in your industry before you create your own. For instance, this accounting intern resume is sure to impress banking and finance employers.

Write a Cover Letter 

When submitting your application, always include a cover letter that outlines why you’re interested in this role and why you would be an asset to their company. If you have a gap in your employment history, this is the perfect place to explain what you did during that time.

Network With Industry Professionals

Connect with professionals in your desired field by attending networking events or joining relevant groups on social media platforms. Networking is one of the best ways to find an internship, so focus on building mutually beneficial relationships with industry experts.

Apply to the Job 

Once your resume is complete, start submitting applications to potential employers. Make sure to customize each application depending on the requirements of the particular job. Use the right resume format and keywords found in the job post to bypass applicant tracking systems.

Follow up Multiple Times

After submitting your application, reach out directly by email or phone call and ask for an update on the status of your application. This shows initiative and interest in their company, which can help set you apart from other applicants. If you don’t get a reply, follow up a second time.

Prepare for the Interview

Once selected for an interview, prepare extensively by researching commonly asked interview questions and practicing how you will respond. You should also research current topics in the industry so that you can demonstrate your up-to-date knowledge during the conversation. 

Be Professional at All Times

Throughout each step of this process, it’s important to remain professional and courteous with all communication with potential employers or colleagues within this field. Doing so will show that you take yourself seriously. Employers love to hire interns with the right attitude.

In Conclusion…

It isn’t easy to get a job in your dream career as an intern, especially in the finance sector. But if you follow our tips, you’ll be one step closer to getting hired. Keep in mind that it’s easier to get an internship while you’re in college, so be sure to apply for one if you’re still in school.