steele rose

From a small, local business, Steele Rose has grown into a nationally renowned network of legal firms operating across the UK, offering a wide range of services with Probate and Estate Administration to a client base that extends all over the world. Leaving the outdated and stale preconceptions of the legal industry far behind, Steele Rose is a forward-thinking company of legal experts dedicated to providing excellence in their legal services for clients and their local communities.

Established in 2013, Steele Rose is a Salisbury-based legal firm providing services in probates and estate administration, in particular for charitable organisations. In less than a decade, the firm has grown from a small local business to a nationally recognised group of legal firms offering a range of services to clients all over the world. 

Although a small family-owned business, Steele Rose has become well-known for its innovative approach to solutions with Estate Administrations, standing out from its competitors which are still stuck in the Dickensian model of legal services by creating a new, transparent model designed to benefit everyone, from their clients, to their team of legal experts to the local communities in which Steele Rose has settled itself.

Now operating across Salisbury, Essex and London, Steele Rose’s clientele is also growing, originating from all over the UK and even internationally. This growth has been totally organic, created through word of mouth and the positive referrals that are generated time and time again owing to Steele Rose’s dedication to winning customer service. Indeed, until this year, Steele Rose has had no marketing budgets since it first opened its doors, surviving and thriving on word of mouth alone.

The campaigns that have now been put in place are enhancing the exponential rate of growth that Steele Rose has experienced over the last few months. In a saturated and competitive market such as Steele Rose’s, it is vital to demonstrate the competitive edge of an organisation and as such, the firm is using new marketing to demonstrate its forward-thinking approach to an established sector. Steele Rose is challenging the norm of the market so as to deliver on their promise to offer the best, most up to date legal services to their clients.

This forward-thinking approach is also equipping Steele Rose with insights needed to educate the market and their clients. Whilst this is often a time-consuming process and has, at times, cost the firm business over the years, their market-leading approach to legal matters within Estates Administration is what will drive the firm to continued success for many years to come. Working with their loyal clientele of individuals, businesses and charitable organisations, Steele Rose’s vital and ground-breaking approach to legal services is a breath of fresh air in a traditional, Dickensian industry.