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Posted 23rd May 2022

From India to International

Initially formed in 1992, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP began its journey in the industry when it merged with a law practice set up in 1956. Recognised as the Leading Intellectual Property Prosecution Law Firm of the Year, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP is focused firmly on rendering business-friendly legal advice.

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From India to International
Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP logo

Initially formed in 1992, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP began its journey in the industry when it merged with a law practice set up in 1956. Since then, the firm has been navigating complex intellectual property and techno-legal issues for its diverse and appreciated client base. Recognised as the Leading Intellectual Property Prosecution Law Firm of the Year, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP is focused firmly on rendering business-friendly legal advice.

Established as a full-service intellectual property and technology law firm, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP is a client-oriented firm that has built solid relationships and infrastructure across India. The firm has over 170 people spread across offices in the major economic centres of Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad and Chennai.

Since its foundation, the firm has been the preferred choice for a sizable selection of domestic and international clients across several industries, all with the aim to use its vastly experienced team of professionals to provide personalised solutions for its clients to take advantage of. For over 65 years, Krishna & Saurastri Associates has raised standards, setting new highly anticipated and respected benchmarks within the industry.

The firm does so by regularly seeking out incremental and breakthrough enhancements in delivering its services. Thus, it is reflected in its overall progress and business reputation – an endeavour that is gradually in place at the firm’s heart.

Another aspect that keeps the firm ahead of the industry is its extensively harnessed legal technology that enables the company to produce timely and cost-effective flawless delivery of its legal services. This continuous adaptation is maintained and kept at the forefront of its ethos.

With its team of highly specialised professionals with niche expertise and vast amounts of industry-lead experience, Krishna & Saurastri Associates is able to provide clients with the maximum value for its legal counselling. Moreover, several team members have formative degrees in several aspects of natural science, engineering, arts and business, which aids in the navigation of complex techno-legal issues. Henceforth, allowing the firm to keep up with trends and innovative ideas from within the industry.

Ranked amongst the top tier Indian IP law firms, Krishna & Saurastri Associates has won several awards due to its leading domestic and international legal publications. Its most recent award is from AI – Leading Advisor in Acquisition International as the Leading Intellectual Property Prosecution Law Firm of the Year.

With a reputation for excellence reinforced by its list of awards and nominations, Krishna & Saurastri Associates has had a replenishing ability to gain clients from large, medium and small enterprises that are domestic, foreign and multinational corporations which include government departments, universities, research institutions and individuals.

Therefore, to remain a consistent leader within the industry and maintain its steady reputation amongst its peers, clients and competitors, the firm instils imminent factors that allow it to differentiate itself from the others within the market.

Krishna & Saurastri Associates uses a boutique approach with professional specialists who are experts in various areas of law that are practised at the firm. Its team of highly experienced, dedicated and passionate practitioners are flexible, transparent and competitive pricing that allows the firm to take on higher volumes of clients regards several aspects of cases regardless of their complexity.

Moreover, having a global network of associates enables the firm to focus on sustainable growth and provide clients with their diverse experiences from an international viewpoint.

At Krishna & Saurastri Associates, the firm is always embracing change and ready to adapt and realign by reassessing systems, processes, aims, and objectives to secure its leadership within the industry. Thus, keeping the firm ahead of the market by introducing and encouraging adaptive and innovative behaviour from team members.

Furthermore, to become leaders in their field of expertise and continue growth steadfast, the firm is always open to new opportunities, expanding and offering new services in other areas of law, and giving back to the community by offering pro bono advice and participating in other charitable programs.

For Krishna & Saurastri Associates, people are the most important asset to the firm. That may sound simple and expected, but with the right people assisting a client, nothing is impossible. They provide excellent service and dedication to their clients regardless of the case. Every person who enters their firm, whether that is a client or team member, are treated with the highest levels of dignity, respect and appreciation.

The firm invests heavily in staff member training and career development in order to pass on the same passion and expertise that the firm’s foundation was built upon with the addition of the implementation of mentorship programs and leadership opportunities for its employees.

The reason for doing so is because the only way the firm can be as successful is for everyone to be on the same page – innovating, creating, and solving problems together in order to pursue and maintain high standards and outstanding results with the overall mission to be compassionate, humanitarian, and supportive as an organization.

Moreover, whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has created an adverse economic situation with unprecedented challenges for the legal service industry, Krishna & Saurastri Associates has continued to provide innovative and sustainable values as a law firm. The firm has mainly remained unaffected due to its diverse nature of work, tech-enabled operations, customer focused approach, loyal clients and adaptability.

Thus, securing and proving that Krishna & Saurastri Associates is a leader in its industry through all its hard work, ingenuity, innovation, and speciality professionals within the firm’s team.

Overall, the firm can proactively engage with clients across different industries in order to understand the quality and nature of their needs, focusing on improving quality and speed with each client it takes on – ever-changing, adapting and providing unmatched services in its customer-centric approach to law.

Due to its growing success, Krishna & Saurastri Associates is looking ahead into the new year to increase its capabilities and strengthen its policies.

Additionally, the firm is expecting growth within its digital and technological implementation with the hopes of creating more meaningful collaboration in the foreseeable future – expanding its expertise by providing international and broader services to its clients to continue its renowned reputation in the industry.


For business enquiries, contact Anshul Sunil Saurastri at Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP via email at anshul@krishnaandsaurastri.com or online at www.krishnaandsaurastri.com.

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