scrap metal recycling machine

The family owned and operated business Custom Recycling has been awarded the title of South Carolina’s Best Scrap Metal Recycling Company 2023.  It has over 150 years of combined experience specialising in metal recycling services. Following its win, we have been delighted to be able to catch up with it for a closer look.

Custom Recycling began with humble beginnings in a small warehouse, to reach where it is now, operating from a site boasting over 16 acres of land and 35, 000 square feet of building space. It has become a premier source for scrap metal recycling in the Southeast. Owners Tim Weaver and Shane Murphy built the company on the foundations of good service, with communication being the bedrock for designing a successful operation. They encourage each and every team member to contribute their own blend of skills and expertise to the company, which is what has allowed Custom Recycling to grow and flourish, adapting to the ever-changing times.

The core values of the company have remained unchanged. It has always, and continues to operate under the principles of integrity, creativity, curiosity, accountability, teamwork, professionalism, innovation, respect, and community. The owners truly understand the business from the ground up, having held every conceivable position from material sorter, to driver, to purchasing. Trusting its instincts, and taking a few calculated risks, is what has allowed Custom Recycling to make strides within the industry. It happened to see a need for reliable and dependable transportation, which led to the creation of its sister company Custom Trucking & Hauling. It also noticed an opportunity to utilise the skills of its work force by creating Custom Demolition & Dismantling. It is proud that where others see obstacles, it sees advantages.

Custom Recycling is delighted that being part of the Global Excellence programme, and also having won awards for one of the best places to work in South Carolina, will help introduce it to other innovators. It hopes that this positive experience will help to grow its services, alongside those of other stellar organisations.

The clients at Custom Recycling span a variety of industries, as it services any type of business that generates scrap metal. Places such as manufacturers, distributors, supply houses, machine shops, electricians, contractors and so on. It looks at each customer individually to identify how to best meet their needs, avoiding the trap of using the same blueprint to address every organisation. Custom Recycling concentrates on listening to what customers want, and finding ways to streamline its processes. It is also experienced in handling unique, oddball materials other scrap merchants tend to dismiss.

It’s a forward-thinking company, who encourages everyone to ask questions and share their views on how daily operations might be improved. As an employer, it aims to find individuals who are optimistic, constructive, and willing to learn. It knows open communication is key, and is proud to offer an inclusive and positive work environment. It leads by example and sets its team up for success on and off the clock. This means staff retention is excellent, with the average employee staying for 10 years plus.

The demand for scrap metal can fluctuate, based on the needs of the mills. This has a knock- on effect to prices, which are reduced when there’s less urgency. The state of the economy can also affect supply and demand, but for Custom Recycling fortunately they remained busy even during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It found it easier to reach clients by phone or email at this time, but most of its customers continued their daily operations. The biggest impact on Custom Recycling was the availability of raw materials on the manufacturing side of things. Luckily, it is always looking at ways of streamlining its operations, and finding new ways to rehome materials. This is an excellent way of attracting new customers, but in truth is only to be expected from this award-winning company, who excel in its field.

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