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Posted 11th March 2024

Exciting IT Innovations to Watch in 2024

Digital innovation never ends, and the groundbreaking trends that defined 2023 will continue to shape the world around us. With technology evolving at a greater pace than ever before, 2024 already looks to be another exciting year for IT innovation.

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Exciting IT Innovations to Watch in 2024
IT Innovations

Digital innovation never ends, and the groundbreaking trends that defined 2023 will continue to shape the world around us. With technology evolving at a greater pace than ever before, 2024 already looks to be another exciting year for IT innovation.  

For instance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has blurred the boundaries between reality and the virtual, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Also, the internet will keep evolving and delivering new features this year and beyond. Perhaps the most important of all is how technology will help us continue to develop while reducing our environmental footprint, or even reverse some of the damage already done. 

Now, technology experts, ramsac have been digging deep to unearth the latest, game-changing innovations that are set to have a major influence this year. 

Artificial Intelligence Ecosystems 

As it did in 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take another giant leap forward in 2024. It is rapidly evolving from its limited scope of ‘personal assistant’ into a force for ‘action’ involving networks of interconnected AI. Whereas most AI strategies are solely designed to assist with tasks, it will soon become a vast ecosystem of automated systems capable of making decisions and taking actions on their own. In other words, AI won’t just advise human beings on specific topics you ask it to, it will begin to act on our behalf by interacting with other systems, providing the potential to multiply productivity and innovation to new levels. AI will still be guided by humans for now, but at some point in the future it could begin to run companies and departments more efficiently than we can.  

Legislation and ethical use for AI 

While concerns about AI ethics and regulation remain, the UK Government has set up the AI Safety Institute aimed at understanding the potential risks of advanced AI and enabling its governance. Additionally, the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act will also be adopted in 2024 as a regulatory framework and become applicable to all UK entities that deploy AI systems within the EU or offer them on the EU market.  

In the meantime, 2024 looks like the year that we fully embrace the power of generative AI and the benefits it can bring to our lives. However, ethics will become an increasingly important factor in AI use in order to prevent digital exploitation of others. For example, social media platform X was forced to take drastic action in January 2024 and block searches for Taylor Swift after explicit AI-generated images of the American pop star began circulating on the site, formerly known as Twitter. To combat this threat, further legislation preventing the misuse of AI on social media will be coming our way.  

Focus on Sustainable Technology 

There’s been growing awareness about sustainable technology in recent times, and 2024 will see it continue to dominate the digital space as governments and organisations work towards meeting net-zero targets. However, the role of AI in sustainable technology is somewhat controversial. Some argue it can reduce the effects of climate change through smart grid design, the development of low-emission infrastructures, and climate predictions. For others AI is a significant generator of carbon itself given the high volume of energy and electricity it takes to train a single big language model. 

In 2024 we’re also likely to see an expansion of the circular economy where recyclability and reusability become the focus of product design. For instance, as our reliance on electronic devices continues to grow, the environmental cost caused by their disposal also increases. As a result, measures are being put in place to reduce digital waste through various solutions such as the common device charger being introduced in all European Union countries. By the end of 2024, all smartphones, tablets, and cameras sold in the EU must feature a universal USB Type-C charging port, so the same charger will work across all devices. This will be extended to laptops by 2026. 

Rise of Green Cloud Computing 

Green cloud computing that prioritises energy and carbon reduction along with sustainable apps and eco-friendly software tools will command a larger space in the tech world in 2024. Delivering green IT services over the internet creates numerous environmental benefits for businesses and society in general. 

With the information and communication technology sector responsible for up to 3.9% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and data centres accounting for 3% of annual total energy consumption, green cloud computing will become more commonplace throughout 2024 as businesses work towards reducing their carbon footprint through smart, eco-friendly IT decisions. AI can support green cloud computing by enabling companies to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions using predictive analytics, smart cooling systems, and other features. However, researchers also point to the large amount of electricity and computing power – and the carbon dioxide emissions these produce – required to train and run an AI system as an environmental downside of AI. 

Enhanced Cyber Resilience 

AI and machine learning will play a vital role in cyber resilience this year, allowing security defences to merge with work continuity plans while ensuring workers are aware of where the next cyberattack is likely to come from. AI enables cybersecurity systems to quickly analyse millions of events and identify threats such as risky behaviour that may lead to a phishing attack. AI then examines the data to search for patterns that could give rise to new types of cyber threats. As we move through 2024, AI will have an increasing influence on cybersecurity as more organisations recognise their ability to automate threat detection. Similarly, 2024 will see wider adoption of multi-factor authentication practices and digital passkeys as businesses and individuals ramp up security defences. Passkeys are cryptographic keys that allow you to log in with facial recognition, a fingerprint, or a pin as you would with a smartphone.  

The Rise of Quantum Computing 

2024 is the year when we’ll see the tangible benefits of quantum computing. Quantum computers leverage elements of quantum physics to perform huge amounts of calculations at the same time. Unlike traditional computer bits that exist in a state of either 1 or 0, quantum computers function using quantum bits in simultaneous multiple states that provide enormous digital capability. Banks and financial services looking to amplify the power of AI systems were among the early adopters of quantum technology for fraud detection, risk management, and more. 

While quantum technology can’t enhance every digital task, it will bring significant advantages across multiple industries such as drug development, weather predictions, material science, and cryptography. It will also play a key role in optimising complex problems we experience in everyday life like busy traffic flows through city centres. 

While quantum computing has the potential to revolutionise various industries, its impact on SMEs is likely to be limited for now due to its high costs and specialised skill requirements, making it more suitable for larger enterprises and research institutions. However, SMEs could soon begin to feel the indirect benefits of quantum computing through developments like enhanced cybersecurity and more effective supply chain algorithms.    

Overall, digital innovation will continue to redefine the landscape of technology in 2024. The trends of the previous year, such as the integration of machine intelligence, the emphasis on sustainable technology, the focus on cyber resilience, and the rise of quantum computing, will have an even greater influence on our lives. The synergy of these advancements promises a more efficient, sustainable, and secure future. With the realisation of artificial intelligence’s potential, sustainability in technology, enhanced cyber resilience, and the benefits of quantum computing, 2024 stands as a beacon of optimism for IT innovation.  

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