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IP Practitioner of the Year – Australia

Patentec is one of Australia’s leading intellectual property practitioner firms providing individualised, capped-fee and expert patent attorney services. Their stated growth philosophy is simple: They want you to be impressed by their clear, efficient and effective services and take the time to maximise the probability of acceptance of IP applications through thoroughly prepared and well drafted patent, trademarks and design specifications, obtaining the broadest possible scope of international patent protection.

Patentec’s IP services includes patent drafting across a wide range of technologies, domestic and international
patent prosecution, patent infringement advice, patent validity advice, patent rights enforcement, patent litigation support, patent opposition proceedings, trademark opposition proceedings, registered design preparation and filing.

Having worked for large IP firms in the past, founder Nicholas Milne founded Patentec to deviate from the “big firm mentality” in providing individualised client attention where clients are known by name and not just a client number. Nicholas says he is driven by an insatiable interest in innovation and to understand the motivations that drive true innovators to create solutions for the world we live in. Patentec’s ability to work closely with innovators and their inventions enables Patentec to develop pragmatic IP strategies and achieve the right results for clients by preparing thorough patent specifications and carefully managing the subsequent patent process both here in Australia and abroad, resulting in a high standard of client service that facilitates commercialisation of innovation in its truest sense.

Patentec stands out from the competition in offering more than just IP services. We didn’t want to offer the traditional “file and walk away” patent attorney services and therefore created a commercialisation advisory arm for mentoring clients for growth and investment. Given that a good idea and the successful commercial execution thereof are inextricable, this was, for us, the logical next client offering, Nicholas says Patentec stands out also for offering industrial design services for product development and
manufacture comprising aspects such as concept design and rapid 3-D prototyping. Nicholas says that Patentec is also sensitive to client’s IP budgets in that Patentec offers sensible capped fees in lieu of the traditional six-minute billing interval.

Patentec defines exactly what it will take to achieve an outcome, how much it will cost, how long it will take and then gives clients a written promise that what has been agreed upon is exactly what they will deliver, on price, on time and with precisely the quality you would expect from the very best patent attorney in Australia.

The firm is also able to offer fair pricing for exceptional quality of work by leveraging off bestofbreed IP systems to increase efficiency, having automated an integrated accounting, invoicing, telephonic and practice management systems to reduce overheads that don’t have to be passed onto clients.

The firm’s attorneys are also well suited to meet the challenges facing the IP industry in 2016 and beyond Nicholas says.
The recently enacted “Raising the Bar” legislative amendments now make it more difficult to obtain patent protection, increasing the importance of a well drafted patent specification. This is why we moved away from preparing first filed patent specifications in provisional format, Nicholas says, rather filing in the first instance in a fully embodied, fully defined claim set complete patent specification format.

Furthermore, recent Australian court case decisions have narrowed the scope for patentability in the realm of software. Nicholas himself is particularly adept in protecting software related inventions having himself worked as a software engineer and having previously patent protected software related inventions for companies including tech giants such as Google, Nokia Corporation and IBM.

Company: Patentec Patent Attorneys
Name: Nicholas Milne
Address: L11, 65 York Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9188 9689