Corporate travel is something that businesses may have to undertake several times a week, month, or year, depending on the size and internationality of its work. When travelling that much, finding the perfect platform for hotel booking is absolutely imperative so that professionals can feel refreshed and ready to face whatever may come. Having been recognized as the Most Outstanding Hotel Booking Platform – 2020, we take a closer look at what ehotel offers to corporates and their business travellers.

Since its inception, ehotel has sought to be a simple, powerful, and effective one-stop-shop hotel solution provider for corporate businesses. With its meta search technology, and its own central payment and billing solution, ehotel offers the widest range of accommodations for corporate professionals at the best rates possible. For almost twenty years, ehotel has been putting the business and corporate traveller at the centre of everything it has done, from selecting a room, booking, to payment and central billing – all managed in one place. As a data-driven company, ehotel also keeps an eye on trends that can both benefit and harm the business travel community, and applies its expertise to help clients navigate them successfully.

Companies hotel requirements are increasing in complexity, leading to frictional experience with hotel bookings and invoicing. As a result, it has forced the decision makers to examine their current processes and tools looking for new solutions that can meet their needs. With its state of the art meta search technology ehotel offers a competitive hotel content enabling them to compare and shop for the perfect accommodation at the best price. ehotel content is composed of its own hotel content, the integrated corporate negotiated hotel program and the entire hotel supply of global OTAs like Expedia, and hundreds of hotel chains.

Clients are invited to put their trust in the highest data security standards that online hotel booking can have, and more than nineteen years of experience in the market. ehotel works tirelessly to guarantee excellent services from a one simple hotel booking platform for booking corporate travel, whether that be for a group, a conference, or an individual on a solo business trip. This digital travel companion platform works globally, and has been offering outstanding services for private and corporate clients alike in the hotel sector for almost two decades now. From helping clients with booking hotels in the traditional process during its initial days, to incorporating advanced technology into its systems with digital transformation, ehotel has seen it all.

One of the main values and focus products of ehotel is its central billing service. The central billing solution automates the often tiresome and cumbersome process of hotel booking and invoicing through payment and expense solutions. Hotel invoices are paid with a virtual credit card that is automatically generated during the booking process, the traveller does not have to pay in advance or collect invoices for expensing purpose. The accounting department for the company receive one single collective ehotel invoice, which includes both domestic and international stays, with VAT display in 17 European countries. This helps the accounting department for firms to minimize their administrative work by receiving a high quality billing data electronically.

Everybody saves time and money using ehotel; the booker can easily find and secure the best hotel, accounting department can easily process the payment, and employees save time and improve the adoption rate of company internal booking procedures and travel policies.

Aside from this exceptional practice and product management that ehotel has had in place since its inception, its excellence can be found in other areas of its business. The online platform and ehotel app, for instance, are truly innovative and easy to navigate for people looking to make the right booking for their corporate travel. With customer service always available to lend a helping hand, the excellence just continues to come for users of ehotel. Service teams are international in nature, so anyone across the world can make use of the platform to the fullest possible extent. Leading the way for online hotel platforms, ehotel has shown itself to a leader in the technology whilst maintaining high employee satisfaction for clients through its wealth of content and swift booking processes.

ehotel’s own corporate culture enables, promotes, and supports the innovative and entrepreneurial activities of its employees. Everyone is made to feel like a valued addition to the team, and that climate of innovation is one of the more core aspects to the corporate culture behind ehotel and its team of dedicated staff. At all levels of the company, there is room for manoeuvre for employees in order to grow. Opportunities and risks of investments in innovations can be assessed by risk management and ultimately influence the decision-making process. The firm constantly promotes the creativity, willingness to learn, and dynamism of its employees, further fostering that positive climate of revolution where new ideas can emerge and develop. Innovation is the basis for progress in order stand out from the competition on the market, and ehotel’s staff are integral to the continued realisation of that goal.

Despite already achieving its lofty ambitions of becoming one of the world’s foremost corporate travel hotel booking sites, ehotel is not content to rest on its laurels. Instead, the firm already has aims for what it can begin to offer in the future. The firm consistently shows the desire to close the last system gaps for companies in travel booking, in order to offer a complete digital cycle. ehotel, as an aggregator in hotel distribution, creates considerable savings potential for companies with the new digital processes, and that goal is set to continue. That focus on offering a company the most advantages in the entirety of the hotel booking process is one that will continue to underpin the work of ehotel for a long time yet.

Travelling abroad for work can be everything that the employees want it to be; stress-free, relaxed, and completely under control. Whether it’s a high-stakes business deal, or a crunch meeting with investors, or whatever the purpose may be, ehotel seeks to ensure that its client’s focus is squarely on their business, and not worrying about where they are going to be staying for the duration of the flight.