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Empowering Individuals to Live a Life They Choose to Lead

Angel Heart Home Care provides support for vulnerable adults who are wanting to live independently within the community. Following their success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019 where they were recognised as the Best Luxury Home Care Services Providers, we profiled the company and caught up with Sounita Rachel Chummun who provided us with a detailed glimpse into the innerworkings of the award-winning services the team provides.

Since their inception, Angel Heart HC has developed a care package, carefully designed to suit the clients’ care needs, choices, preferences and wishes. Each and every client that chooses Angel Heart HC can be rest assured that they will be treated with dignity, respect and acknowledged for their independence and limitations.

To understand their potential client a little bit more, the management team will carry out all the care calls first to recognise their limitations and independence. Through close observation and listening to a client on a daily basis over a period of three months, it is only then management can address and evaluate a suitable trained carer. Going into further detail about the early stages, Sounita begins by informing us of how the team monitors their clients’ welfare, as well as how the role of communication is a vital factor to the company’s overall success.

“Angel Heart HC monitors all client welfare on a daily basis. Although the care delivery is holistic, it is imperative that the necessary preventative interventions are implemented to ensure that the client is able to sustain living independently.

“Each client has a folder in their own, in this are risk assessments that address all areas specific to their individual care needs. To ensure that the client is kept safe at all times, there is always a risk assessment in place for staff members to read and follow to ensure the safety of the client is maintained. In addition to this, communication is also a very important element of running an effective care service, and a daily record of actions, interventions and outcomes is be recorded and closely monitored and also communicated centrally.”

Many of the client’s that Angel Heart HC supports are deemed as vulnerable; however they want to live independently within the community with a bit of help, as Sounita explains.

“All our clients are unique. Although some may share the same condition, they all manifest the condition differently. When Angel Heart first started, we had various social media platforms to advertising to attract potential clients. However, currently due to a healthy succession of positive reviews, we are sought out presently there is a waiting list.”

Empowering Individuals to Live a Life They Choose to Lead Working behind the scenes to ensure that each and every client that the firm works with is treated with the same level of respect and care, is the experienced, passionate and dedicated team which forms thebackbone of Angel Heart HC. When discussing the internal culture, Sounita is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the company, touching on how the staff genuinely care about the clients that they work with.

“Finding the right staff member is crucial and closely monitored. It is imperative that all of our clients are paired with staff who are fully trained and are best suited to support them. Having reliable, honest and hardworking staff that genuinely care about the client’s welfare is paramount at Angel Heart HC. Effective communication is key, not only in person, but the staff member and office can communicate electronically and centrally.

Moving forward, Sounita has big plans in the pipeline for the Angel Heart HC, especially following their recent success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade Best Luxury Home Care Services Providers. Bringing the interview to a close, Sounita reflects on the reasons for starting the business, and touching on where Angel Heart HC is at now and where they hope to be in the years to come.

“Overall, I started this service because I found working in other domiciliary care agencies, that attention to client detail was overlooked and as a result some suffered. As such, I wanted Angel Heart to make a difference and be a service in which our clients felt safe and assured that they could rely on us. “Angel Heart has recently moved to Ascot, but currently still serves, Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire. Additionally, we are also currently restructuring the business to ensure that it runs smoothly.”
Company: Angel Heart Home Care