The New Homes Quality Code (NHQC) emphasises the need to provide clear and concise information to new home buyers and give them the opportunity to receive both a comprehensive home demonstration and an independent inspection of their new home.

Why so thrilled?

We offer the perfect combination of services to support you in delivering what the Code requires.

Do you need to improve your demonstration and handover skills to meet NHQC requirements?

The demonstration can be a “make or break” moment in the customer journey. Get it right, and customer satisfaction soars. Get it wrong, and you could be in for a long period of moans and groans. Over 32,000 people have attended our unique “hands-on” demonstration and handover training courses. So let us show your team how to “get it right”.

Or would you prefer to leave your demonstrations to the professionals?

Every year, we deliver over 2000 new home demonstrations for housebuilders, large and small. Every demonstration is delivered by fully trained people to the highest professional standards and, at times to suit the customer. Think of the time and costs you could save. And the improvement in customer satisfaction.

Cement your customer’s knowledge and satisfaction with our Instructional Videos

We use our knowledge as professional demonstrators to create instructional videos your customers can access whenever and wherever they want. They cover everything from how to look after, operate and maintain the new home to what is and is not covered by their warranty. Result? Happier customers and happy customer care teams who receive fewer calls.

Let us give your teams the confidence to deliver both good and bad news

The NHQC will raise standards, but even so, things will sometimes go wrong, and at such times, homebuyers can quickly become very angry. Our “How to control your elephant” training with its trademark “Helping Hand” will help your front-line teams deliver bad news calmly and empathically.

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