Connecting to Success

In a world that is increasingly focused on incorporating the latest technology and software, it is important to ensure that all industries have the ability to solve problems using high-performance computing systems. X-ISS is a cross-platform management and analytics solution provider for the High-Performance Computing (HPC) industry. As we examine why HPC technology is so important, discover why this firm is one of America’s most outstanding HPC management solutions providers in 2019.

With a reputation for the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction, X-ISS has been helping clients for more than twenty years in making effective use of their HPC investments through software and services that cater to their specific needs. The company specializes in HPC management and analytics solutions.

Initially co-founded in 1993 as Net Partners, X-ISS broke away and was formed in 2001. Two years later, the company went on to become the first-to-market, vendor-independent, and best-of-market leader in HPC implementation services. Now, more than twenty-five years since the company’s inception, they continue to serve a clientele that includes global Fortune 100 companies within the oil and gas, life sciences, financial services, and manufacturing industries.

Able to provide services and deep analytics to nearly any HPC cluster system, X-ISS’ role in working with clients is to integrate, manage, and maintain those systems, as well as monitor, report, and deliver analytics that are important to HPC users. This is a business-driven HPC company that has provided exceptional technical computing solutions through management and analytics software.

HPC solutions are used where companies have a need to solve problems requiring large amounts of computing power to analyse large sets of data. Servicing a wide variety of industries and disciplines, HPC technology accelerates both the quality of the solution and the time it takes to reach that solution. As a result, companies get to market much quicker and are able to offer a competitive edge with the technology behind them.

High-performance computers, or supercomputers, are expensive and incredibly complex. Since they are critical to the business and must provide maximum productivity, it is very important that they are implemented and managed effectively. This requires specialized skills and experience, not typically available in enterprise IT or research. X-ISS’ flagship solution, ManagedHPC, is a stress-free service that enables clients to focus on their core needs while ensuring that their HPC systems are running optimally.

The users can rest assured that X-ISS knows exactly how to handle their operational needs and that the clusters are set up effectively. What makes the firm and their service unique is not only that ManagedHPC is vendor-neutral, but also that it provides end-to-end support for the client – from the hardware all the way to the applications. Clients have different and varying types of HPC hardware and software specifically catering to their application needs; ManagedHPC is unique in being able to support them fully.

Other services offered by X-ISS include DecisionHPC, CloudHPC and ProjectHPC. DecisionHPC software enables clients to maximize productivity and make better purchasing decisions. By gathering data into a business intelligence engine, clients can expect a live dashboard for real-time monitoring, actionable data for smarter decision-making, and accurate reporting functionality of large, multivendor, distributed HPC clusters.

The CloudHPC solution enables clients to run their data workloads in the cloud, either for simply testing and proof-of-concepts, or for actual execution. X-ISS experts help define service-level requirements, application requirements, and other business metrics before automating CloudHPC deployment, scaling and decommissioning.

Lastly, the ProjectHPC solution is a project-based service that enables clients to not only get their HPC clusters up and running quickly, but also to enable users to more effectively use those resources. Through careful assessment, the team at X-ISS designs proper solutions for an in-house cluster or public, private or hybrid cloud-based cluster. Once the assessment and design stages are complete, the firm then sets about quickly bringing the cluster up and running in full production whilst supporting and training any IT staff.

Despite working in a highly technical field, all of the staff members at X-ISS are committed to delivering client-excellence, ensuring that every client receives high value from the service provided. The firm does this by not only understanding the clients’ technical needs and addressing them appropriately, but also being extremely responsive, communicative and focused on solving issues in a timely manner.

Clients of X-ISS come from various industries and are of varying sizes, but each usually has an engineering or research and development department that needs the HPC technology. The industries that this company serves include manufacturing, life sciences, energy, defense, and laboratories among others, who range in size from Global 100 to tier 3 providers, to major original equipment manufacturers such as Dell and HPE.

In order to maintain such a high level of client satisfaction and service quality, all departments at X-ISS understand their critical role in making sure they deliver excellence. Executing on their principles of integrity, communication, expertise and professionalism, the firm ensures that from pre-sales to accurate billing, the entire team is focused on securing the firm’s success.

Looking to the future, the challenges surrounding X-ISS and the HPC technology lie in simplifying it to reach a bigger audience. Managing rapid expansion in data sizes to be analysed, optimising use of clients’ existing resources, and deciding how and when to leverage
external resources are all part of the firm’s future challenges, ones they will meet head-on. Currently operating out of Houston, Texas, the company has an eye on continuing expansion across North America and Europe, whilst exploring options in Latin America.

Ultimately, the successes of X-ISS come down to their uncompromising principles of integrity, communication, expertise and professionalism being at the core of delivering exceptional customer service. Bringing industries into the digital era with supercomputer technology, this firm is determined to solve all data analysis and cross-platform issues so clients can experience smooth computing and a superior competitive edge over other businesses.