Man working on a computer while on the phone to a client

Customer Services are a key part of any business – especially financial services. Customer Services will enable you to update customers on applications, address any potential issues with the website, answer queries or questions, and deal with any complaints.

There are several different options with Customer Services, and many different options will help your company to thrive and manage your customer relations.

Customer service personnel include:

  • Collections teams
  • Complaints handlers
  • Customer service advisors
  • Customer service agents
  • Underwriters


In-House Customer Services

In-house customer services is an option for smaller businesses. Many businesses and startups run their own customer services by sharing the workload between existing employees. This is feasible for small companies with a limited number of enquiries per day, but businesses with many enquiries daily may need to consider other options.


Outsourcing Customer Services

If your business is not able to use in-house customer services, an option is to outsource your customer services. Many companies use outsourced customer services from countries abroad that have a good proficiency in English. However, a large volume of queries are needed in order to make the cost of these outsourced customer services worthwhile for your business.

Local companies also offer these services, such as TieTa who offer a fully outsourced customer service team based in Oxfordshire. TieTa is perfect for high volumes of calls, outsourced complaints handling, and debt collection. Your technology can be integrated with your outsourced customer service team, enabling access to highly skilled staff in financial services.


Combining In-House and Outsourced Customer Services

For many businesses, there will be an opportunity to combine in-house and outsourced customer service teams. This allows businesses to leverage local capabilities in the UK, and keep on top of queries through business times. There is a strong business case for international companies or companies with multiple offices to have both in-house and outsourced customer service teams.


What Could Customer Services Do For Me?

Customer services when implemented and executed effectively can significantly boost engagement with customers, increasing sales and repeat business. There is a fine skill to customer support in terms of the speed and quality of your responses and this can be huge for a business. Meanwhile, creating positive reviews and experiences is key in a world where brand reputation is important and negative reviews can be damaging.

So whether you have an in-house team or look at outsourcing professionals – there is a strong business case for good customer service.