Teresa Minero, CEO of LifeBee

Working hard to deliver expert consultancy services to the life sciences industry, LifeBee srl has made itself the ‘Most Innovative Digital Solutions Provider for Life Sciences’ in 2021 for Italy. With a long roster of current clients, one that is growing by the day, it is blazing a trail towards reshaping its industry under the guidance of one of the ‘Top 25 Healthcare Tech CEOs’, Teresa Minero.

LifeBee is a boutique consultation provider for the life sciences industry, combining its own expertise with its exemplary customer service in order to deliver redesigned information flows, procedures, digital solutions, proactive compliance and business digital transformation. Fundamentally, this has allowed it to become the ‘company that was missing’ for the life sciences industry, one that has been helping businesses within the industry to revitalize and revamp their organizations and processes into the most lucrative and sustainable versions of themselves by leveraging at the same time digitalization, pursuing operational excellence and boosting compliance. In being a consultations company focused on tailoring its services to fit each client, it works like a bespoke dressmaker. Bucking the trend of ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to consultation, it will always work with a client to gain a broad, full picture view of them and their company.

With over 50 professionals that serve more than 70 companies – both local and international – it delivered strategies and digital solutions that helps each of them stand out on a global scale. Quality, to LifeBee, is everything; its customers success is its success, and it strives to ensure that each client will walk away with a digital, compliant, excellence-oriented business processes that has revitalized their company across the board and further fuelled their passion for what they do, showing them how ingenuity and innovation applied in an empathic manner can propel them to new heights of success.

Therefore, LifeBee’s team is one focused first and foremost on customer satisfaction. Its experts will drill deep into a client’s processes and needs, allowing them to get a comprehensive view of both the bigger picture and the minute details that forge the wider attitude and approach by the organization, something that its clients have lauded as truly exemplary over the years. This understanding is extended to a multitude of different ‘regulated’ areas within the wider industry of life science, such as manufacturing, quality assurance, laboratories, logistics, serialization, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance in biopharma, medical devices, and even nutraceuticals.

When it consults with its clientele, it applies the width and breadth of its experience in serving companies in each of these niches, making the effort to internalize the goals and missions behind the processes. Additionally, it operates by means of process review. This drills down into a client’s process optimization, digital innovation, GxP compliance, data integrity, and pharma 4.0 strategic plans, allowing it to fit its advice and reorganization seamlessly around a client’s existing structure so that they may work in tandem.

Its digitization offerings even go so far as to provide projects and solutions such as feasibility studies, software vendor selection, project management, and more, making it a true one-stop-shop when it comes to consultancy. Having been recently nominated as the ‘top laboratory automation solution provider’ in Europe for 2021, LifeBee is pleased to have been accredited for the excellence of its lab-based project delivery, such as a recent 10-week case study that handled conceptual design for a multinational pharmaceutical company. In essence, LifeBee focused on optimization of the entire lab, breathing new life into its processes, personnel, and material flows in order to ensure that each element was as streamlined, compliant but cost effective, and efficient as possible. With a core focus on personnel and lab layout, it considered that the lab would have to work well with being fully digitalized in accordance with GmP’s strict compliance rulings, resulting in the development of a dedicated and detailed implementation and transition plan, in full business continuity.

Moreover, the Covid-19 disaster pushed it further into prominence when the digital paradigm fully took root as the new era of work for industries all across the corporate ecosystem. Life science was no different, having to implement remote work wherever possible that still functioned within the rules of strict compliance, meaning there was an increased need for exemplary and robust digitalized infrastructure and application portfolio with strong integration and procedural ease, allowing trained personnel to keep working. 4.0 pharma, in this manner, is a true leap also in Italy, with increasing numbers of successful remote projects and the development of long-lasting internet-based infrastructures and advanced technologies that work well result in a long-lasting perspective of evolution in continuous improvement. Further bolstering this is the increased demand for regulation in cloud-based applications. LifeBee’s provisions are perfect for this expanding market, and so it has seen a growth spurt that it doesn’t foresee slowing down anytime soon, with a consistent 20% growth on average over the last 5 years; much higher numbers than the market on average. This, it has found, is a direct result of how it applies its unique selling point. LifeBee makes itself stand out from the market by not just being a digital company, nor a validations or compliance firm, nor just a lean consultant. Instead, it is three in one – with each of the aforementioned services forming a pivotal aspect of its operational model – and has developed each one of these to be a leading service that its clients can truly rely on, ensuring that each one compliments the other.

In being such a one-stop-shop for its clients, LifeBee can reassure professionals in the life science industry that its consultancy will be able to help them with the innovation challenges they are currently facing, all made possible by its dedication to empathic, understanding, and diligent client interactions. The customer who it serves appreciates how this work enables them to step into the new digital paradigm with ease and sophistication. Fundamentally, with LifeBee at their back, a client finds that previous challenges are far more effectively handled with the operations and processes that it puts in place, granting them the opportunity to chase the most suitable new 4.0 enabling technologies selected among GxP cloud, Virtual Reality, Vertical and Horizontal Integration, Advanced Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and many others. By extending LifeBee’s services on an international level, it is currently delivering 15-20% of its services outside Italy, and is excited to see where this takes both it and its clients in the future.


For business enquiries, contact Teresa Minero at LifeBee SRL at lifebee.com.