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Article Image - Best Clear Aligner Products Developer 2022 – California
Posted 2nd September 2022

Best Clear Aligner Products Developer 2022 – California

The creators of clear orthodontic aligners, OrthoFX has created an alternative to traditional braces.

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Best Clear Aligner Products Developer 2022 – California
Woman putting on aligner braces

The creators of clear orthodontic aligners, OrthoFX has created an alternative to traditional braces. As one of the best clear aligners in the U.S., its products use cutting edge polymer to create a comfortable, tailorable, and discrete orthodontic experience, staffed by doctors who prize themselves on handling face to face consultations during the creation process of a patient’s bespoke orthodontic product, allowing everything to be perfectly made to specification.

With in-person orthodontic consultations, best-in-class medical support, and visits that are by-demand only, OrthoFX reassures its clients that the technology they use to create its discrete clear aligners is ‘as smart as a client will look wearing them’. Faster, more comfortable, and coming with an impeccable treatment plan as standard, its products are incredibly comfortable and invisible, allowing for a discrete orthodontic experience that is as non-invasive as OrthoFX can make it, and always improving. With built in virtual consultation and always-on digital monitoring, OrthoFX takes great care of its patients and promises that by following its ‘Smile’ journey, they will come out the other end with a smile they can be confident in.

Nominally, the journey can be described as follows: firstly, a client will meet their doctor. This is the person who will be overseeing the process alongside them, and part of OrthoFX’s dedicated and determined team, each of whom is impeccably well trained and outstandingly committed to the success of each patient; it is the incredible professionalism of each of these people that has made OrthoFX a household name. Additionally, the FXOntrack app that it has specifically developed for its patients allows them to get the best care, anywhere, anytime and ensures that patients always have a remote point of contact to their doctor, able to both view their treatment plan and receive treatment, all from the comfort of their own home.

This commitment to going at the client’s pace, in tandem with the client’s comfort level, and always keeping their goals at the heart of its operations, allows OrthoFX to work with the utmost empathy. Sensitive, knowledgeable, and patient, it and its staff understand that it can be difficult to get the right diagnosis for any given condition at the best of times, and wishes to take the burden of this off of a client.

In this way, it is able to help a client to address all manner of orthodontic challenges from overbite to underbite, crossbite, gap teeth, open bite, crowded teeth, and all manner of other issues. Moreover, the OrthoFX promise is that it will also work hard to keep its treatments within a client’s budget and time frame; with treatments starting at $85 a month with no hidden fees, it has earned the trust of its clients by simply making itself the best partner to their orthodontic health that it can possibly be.

Indeed, with its dual shell design on either side of an elastomeric middle layer, the OrthoFX clear aligners are the result of years of research, refinement, and experimentation, the result of which is the FXTetra technology revolution, a proprietary 3-layer material that creates straighter rows of teeth quicker. In addition to this, despite the faster turnaround time, a patient can rest assured that they will not be sacrificing their comfort in the process. Its aligners have been designed with patient happiness at its very core, and so the 3-layer aligners have been designed to sit perfectly within the mouth – each set being impeccably tailored to fit – making for an experience that reduces the pain of standard orthodontics.

With a free online assessment, OrthoFX invites prospective clients who are interested in its work to get in touch as soon as they wish in order to see if they are eligible to be a candidate. It hopes that between the assessment, consultation, resources, and client-focused efforts it delivers, it will be able to continue its current trajectory towards further growth in the future, made possible by its team’s fantastic dedication to everyone it cares for. Indeed, it lauds clear aligners as the future of orthodontic treatment, as do the clients who rely on it.

Each of them soon discovers the ease and excellence that clear aligners can lend to an otherwise irksome and sometimes very painful process, making it a seamless affair instead, one that is constantly growing in expertise. Critically, although it has already made its FXTetra clear aligners some of the best in the business, it never wishes to rest on its laurels, always looking into new ways to improve its already market-leading aligners in order to increase the comfort and ease with which they provide orthodontic treatment.

As the aligners themselves are nearly invisible, it can provide of the most discrete orthodontic treatments available anywhere in the world, with its removable trays made from transparent plastic perfectly moulded to fit the mouth of the client, manufactured in a way that allows for the highest level of adaptation to the teeth. Being removable, they are also easy to clean and easy to remove so that the client can eat unencumbered; all OrthoFX would say is that it is important for a client to remember to clean the aligners before putting them back in after a removal.

Orthodontic involvement is, critically, a must for aligner treatments. These experts are a crucial part of fitting an aligner perfectly, and through their knowledge, a client can rest assured that their treatment is in the best hands; hands that truly understand how best to straighten teeth safely. Whilst it acknowledges that for some, at-home aligners might be right, it encourages them to investigate the number of benefits to support and oral health that fitting aligners with orthodontic health and doctoral input will provide from start to finish. It is confident that, with these benefits in mind, the choice between OrthoFX and its competitors in an easy one to make.

For business enquiries, contact Nichole Garcia from OrthoFX on their website – orthofx.com                  

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