Trading Strategy

Are you looking for a way to make money? Well, the good news for you is that you are living in the 21st century. Modern technology and the online world have allowed us to improve our financial stability. Because of that, you should be aware of all the options that are available for you. One of the things that can help you earn a decent amount of money and change your entire life is trading. But, if you do not make the right decisions or you simply do not know how to develop an appropriate strategy,  then you will certainly have to work on your personal improvement and ensure that you learn new stuff. 

Fortunately for you, this article is educational and it describes everything you should know about the best trading strategies. We will highlight 3 of them that are certainly the best ones and talk about some other important details that people should know about. Let’s go! 


3 Crucial Components of Every Trading Strategy 

It doesn’t matter which strategy you plan to use when trading. There are three different components that are the most important ones. By analyzing them, you will easily determine whether some trading tactic is good or bad for your goal. 


First Component: Risk Tolerance 

The first one refers to risk tolerance. This component actually describes the level of risk you are willing to withstand. Keep in mind that risk tolerance is not going to be the same over time as the degree of risk constantly changes based on different situations in the trading world. 

Generally speaking, the type of risk tolerance you will put into consideration depends on the type of investment you plan to make. Some people will decide on long-term investments. If you are one of them, then you are probably going to be ready for higher risk levels. Your chance to make money will be in the moments when the market is volatile. On the other hand, if you decide to make short-term investments, then you should put into consideration the level of time-based risk tolerance. That way, you will easily develop the appropriate trading strategy. 


Second Component: Trading Products 

As an investor, you will have to put into consideration all the potential added value that could appear. All the instruments that you can use are divided into several different categories such as risks, liquidity, and complexity. 

Let’s use additional explanations to make things clear. Let’s say that you found some trading options that are complex. The upfront investments, in that case, would be lower. Despite that, they will ensure a bit more flexibility compared to stock trading. That will ensure better trading and investing environment and ensure that you are not risking too much. However, you will also need to use all the financial instruments to find answers that will ensure you profit.


Third Component: Leverage Technical Analysis 

You will need to make certain technical analyses in case you plan to recognize the best possible trading opportunities. However, the outcome of those analyses is going to be good for another reason! You will also determine the potential risks that can ruin all the ideas you have. 

So, which technical indicators should traders put into consideration? FOr starters, there is on-balance volume, but you should also determine the stochastic oscillator as well as relative strength index. With these indicators, you will get the right information about movements on the market. 


The Best Trading Strategies!

We are not moving to the part that you have all been waiting for. Of course, we do not want to say that there are just three trading strategies that will bring you profit. There are many of them. However, we will highlight those that are the most popular and effective ones and try to help you reach your goals that way. 

But, before we move to that part, there is one thing that you have to understand. This is not an easy thing, and you should not expect to become a millionaire over the night. Instead of that, at the beginning of your journey, you should try to learn trading and regularly improve your knowledge. Of course, there is always enough room for mistakes, and you will probably experience certain failures. However, that is not something you should be afraid of. Turn mistakes into lessons, and, one day, you will manage to become successful!  

Now, when everything has become clear, let move to the main point. Let’s find out together the top 3 trading strategies that can help you improve your financial stability and succeed! 


Swing Trading Strategy 

You are probably confused when you read the phrase “swing”. However, this term actually described the trading on both sides of the movements that appear on the market. This type of trader will always buy security whenever they predict or suspect that the value on the market will grow in the near future. On the other hand, they will do quite the opposite thing whenever they start to suspect that the prices on the market are going to go down. 

So, how do things exactly work here? In case you decide to become a swing trader, you will have to put into consideration two different things. You will have to have in mind the duration and length of each swing. These two parameters are actually explaining the resistance level of each swing that appears on the market. It will allow you to recognize the trends whenever the demand and supply increase on the market. 

There are two additional tips we would like to provide you with here. When you determine the strong trends by using different financial instruments, you will get the opportunity to retracement swings. That move will help you enter the trends. Don’t get surprised if you read phrases such as dips or pullbacks as they all refer to those points. 

Another thing you need to have in mind is what to do whenever a momentum high appears on the market. In those cases, you will have to chase the highest probability trade. In most cases, that would mean that you will purchase the first pullback. On the other hand, when the momentum is relatively low, you will have to sell your first pullback. Things may seem easy in theory, but you will have to practice a lot to do things right. 


Day Trading Strategy 

Don’t get confused if you hear the phrase “intraday trading”. Both names refer to the same strategy, and they describe the method of trading where you participate in the activity in the daytime. Logically, you are not doing that for an hour or two; if you decide on this strategy, then trading will become some sort of full-time job. 

So, how does this way of trending function? Believe it or not, it is pretty simple to understand. You will actually regularly follow the price changes between the open and close hours of the market. In other words, a couple of positions will remain open during the day, but you will close them during the night. Leaving them open over the night exposes you to a higher level of risk. 

Generally, there are multiple benefits from this type of trading, but we would like to highlight the time flexibility. If you want to have the chance every day to open a couple of positions and close them during the night, this is going to be an ideal opportunity for you. 


Scalping Trading Strategy 

The third option is for those traders that are planning to make only short-term trades. You will not have to invest a lot, but the profit of each scalp (investment) is going to be low as well. If you want to succeed with this strategy, your duty is to develop a reasonable and wise exit strategy. According to different experts, this type of tactic is the best possible one for currency pair trading. We suggest you have that in mind before making the final decision. 

Your duty is not going to be the same compared to the previous two strategies. Your duty will be to establish a profit before the market even moves. The ratio between risk and reward is around 1:1 in most cases. That is the reason why you should not make larger trades. Instead of that, you should insist on a big number of small trades that will ensure you small profits. 

So, what is the biggest drawback of the scalping strategy? You will need to learn how to be a disciplined trader. Keep in mind that position sizes are a lot larger with this strategy. Because of that, if you don’t know how to be extremely disciplined, then this strategy may not be for you. 



We have finally come to the end of this long article. These three strategies are the most effective and popular ones. Those that require small investments are probably ideal for beginners that do not have the opportunity to invest a big amount of money. Despite that, it is pretty risky to do such a thing as you will potentially experience bigger failures. 

So, what do you think? Which of these options is the best one for you?