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SecurityHQ is a Global Independent MSSP that detects and responds to threats, instantly. As your security partner, we alert and act on threats for you. Our customers and partners gain access to an army of analysts that work with you, as an extension of your team, 24/7, 365 days a year. Receive tailored advice and full visibility to ensure peace of mind, with our Global Security Operation Centres. Utilize our award-winning security solutions, knowledge, people, and process capabilities, to accelerate business and reduce risk and overall security costs.

With six Security Operation Centres spread across the globe – UK, India, Dubai, Australia, USA, and South Africa, we have mastered the art of providing revolutionary, high-end, managed security services to our clients to ensure Visibility, Response Capability, Collaboration, measurable Risk Reduction and Assurance. Above all, we provide Peace of Mind.

Our DNA is built on the foundations of Integrity & Transparency, Continuous engineered Innovation and Agility. This DNA, coupled with customer centric attitude of our employees, has empowered us to work as an extended arm of our client teams and not merely as vendors.

A Proven track record of 99% renewals resonates the fact that our clients trust us and consider us as part of their own team. The founders of the company are very involved in the operations of the company, and ensure they are available and accessible to customers and staff 24x7x365.


What makes SecurityHQ stand out within the industry?

SecurityHQ have come a long way on its MSSP journey, starting with small and medium clients to now servicing a vast majority of enterprise grade global names.

Today, we service clients in every continent, including smaller island countries like Fiji, countries in Asia and Africa. The diversity in our footprint spans across verticals with BFSI, FSI, Energy, Education, Ecommerce, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Aviation, Stock Exchanges, ITES, Government and Federal agencies, and more.

Our global presence has enabled us to establish a robust reseller program complimented by our direct sales program. The split today between direct and reseller/partner driven sales is equal and our goal is to consciously increase our direct sales. Our offerings are focussed only on elevating the security posture of our clients.

SecurityHQ staff are all certified, cyber security specialists. This gives us the edge over our competitors – we are Specialists while others are Generalists. This has helped us surpass our competition in all regions.

Our award-wining Security Analytics and Incident Management platform, SHQ Response, is industry first and redefines the way we collaborate with our clients, by simplifying their cyber security journey.     


What role do your staff play in the success of your firm and what qualities do you look for when recruiting new talent?

What makes us so strong as a company, is our ability and capability to recognise and recruit talent from across the globe. Our analysts are some of the most experienced and qualified in the industry, and hundreds of them are available on demand, to provide business intelligence, advice, monitoring, stability, and innovation.

80% of our staff have been with us since inception, and have actively contributed towards the growth of SecurityHQ. Some of the top CISOs and CIOs in the industry have recognised our staff as being the best in the industry.

We are a global company and employ many different people, of differing nationalities, backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, and genders. It is this combination of difference and inclusivity that makes us such a rich and diverse organisation.


Are there any specific industry-based challenges you are facing now and may do in the near future? 

Adversaries today have a larger and more diverse attack surface area, especially with regards to the move to cloud. The majority of business now have a hybrid environment with reasonable split between cloud and on-prem IT assets. This changes the game for us as the defenders; we as a team need to match the pace of introduction of new environments and up our skills to ensure we understand the new threat actors and devise strategies to safeguard our clients, all in rapid time.

In addition, new compliance mandates are introduced almost every quarter and existing mandates are being tightened to ensure data confidentiality of organisations. This puts tremendous pressure to adapt our global delivery to comply to these mandates, while ensuring we maintain the same delivery standards and agility in the service.

With regards to COVID-19, one benefit to come out of how the pandemic impacted business was that our existing clients became more flexible when it came to the mode of operations. We also had a surge of new clients onboarded as, once again, the threat surface area widened due to the introduction of work-from-home, and companies just simply were not prepared in terms of their security. As a result, we as a company experienced 43% growth in new contracts.


Do you have any plans for 2022 and beyond that you would like to share with our readers?

Innovation is embedded in SecurityHQ’s DNA. We consistently innovate and upgrade our service offerings. Our Innovation team is tasked with designing Yearly ‘Innovation Programs’ which are then assigned to our teams across the business.

Our SHQ Response platform has been awarded by IBM Beacon Awards as the most ‘Outstanding Security Solution’ in 2021 and it is recognised as industry first, combined with the introduction of the Mobile App. Our App has elevated the collaboration between our teams and our client teams, providing the power of ‘SOC in your hands’.

2022 has been focussed on launching new world-class Security Operation Centres, revamping our existing facilities, developing automation & containment modules and the launch of SHQ Academy to upskill our staff and new staff.

Year 2023 plans to be even more exciting and includes revolutionizing the way our customers will be able to buy our services and the way they would be provisioned. We will also be focussing on corporate social responsibility activities across all our offices, to ensure we give enough back to society.

Sanket Khanolkar
Sanket Khanolkar, COO, SecurityHQ

Sanket plays an integral part in the management, operations, and business development at SecurityHQ. He has a proven track record of building successful strategic alliances which have enabled SecurityHQ to increase its global footprint. As the COO, he is based in the Global Security Operations Centre in India and is responsible for building and maintaining a world-class Global SOC and expert team of Security Analysts. Today, the Global SOC in Pune is recognised as one of the best Security Operation Centres in India, for its cutting-edge services to clients across the Globe.

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