The clean freaks were right. There is something to be said for disinfecting the office every day — and the benefits have never been clearer. As businesses reopen, most are working to reassure customers that their offices are clean and safe. To do so, they’re implementing new systems and developing solutions that have, in turn, taught companies everywhere a few lessons about cleanliness and ingenuity. 

Clean Well and Often

Before COVID-19, an employee could have left a mess in the office microwave and maybe a few people would have complained. Now, the entire team would be in an uproar over the incident. In the age of a pandemic, people expect things to be tidy — and for them to stay that way. Exceed their expectations by cleaning the microwave, door handles and the rest of the office well and often. Doing so will prevent illness and abate worry. 

You Need More Space

Social distancing has become the new normal and, as employees return to the office, an open floor plan may not be ideal. Typically, this design places workers within a foot of one another. Now, you must rearrange seating arrangements to accommodate the physical 6-foot spacing requirements. If you don’t have enough surface area to do so, you may stagger workdays or consider renting out more office space in the same building. 

Air Quality Matters

COVID-19 has also taught many businesses important lessons about air quality. If an office has poor ventilation, aerosols containing the virus may linger in the air and pass from room to room through the HVAC system. Eventually, these particles come to rest on the carpet, chairs, desks and people. Many companies are updating their HVACs and cleaning upholstery, carpeting, and all other items frequently to alleviate growing concerns. 

Organization Is Key

Increasing cleaning and safety measures around the office and creating empty space has reiterated the fact that organization is the key to productivity. Much like a clean desk, your computer and email inbox are less distracting when you work to maintain organization and minimalism. The same goes for filing cabinets, shelves and storage closets. When they’re tidy and organized, your team will find documents quicker and accomplish more during the workday. 

Consumer Needs Change 

Businesses everywhere have had to adapt quickly to the needs of their customers. To stay relevant in a global pandemic, many had to switch up their marketing techniques and even offer new products to boost engagement with their target audience. Likewise, many companies are cleaning surfaces between each guest or offering face masks and hand sanitizers to ensure customers visit their office, restaurant or shop. This quality assurance reminds customers you’re always there to support them.

Ingenuity Wins

Cleaning businesses during a global pandemic has reminded companies that ingenuity wins. Those that can adapt and be flexible at a moment’s notice will be more likely to survive and, more importantly, succeed. Support innovation try new solutions and reward creativity. They may come in handy when the next global disaster strikes.