Losing a loved one is depressing. It’s even more devastating when someone’s negligence or malicious intent causes their death. The Port of Milwaukee is important for global trade, but it increases truck traffic, which increases the risk of fatal motor vehicle accidents. Moreover, Wisconsin has high drunk driving rates, contributing to the city’s fatal car accident rate. Other common causes of fatal injuries in Milwaukee include ATV accidents, falls caused by property hazards, and accidental poisonings.

If you lose a loved one to someone else’s mistake in Milwaukee, you should talk to a Milwaukee wrongful death lawyer to help you file a wrongful death case.

While the law allows you to file a wrongful death case and represent your loved one, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Below are seven reasons why you need a lawyer for a wrongful death case.

1. Time and Stress Savings

The period after a loved one’s death is depressing. It’s, therefore, not the best time for you to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and even negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement.

When you hire an experienced wrongful death attorney, they will do all the work required for the case, giving you sufficient time to grieve. You can also rest assured that they will use their experience to get the compensation you deserve.

2. Increasing Your Settlement

If you file a wrongful death claim without an attorney, you might feel like you’re attaching a price to your loved one’s life. Additionally, since you’re in an emotional state of mourning, you might be unable to negotiate a good settlement with the insurance company.

A wrongful death attorney will use their experience to negotiate with the insurance company and ensure you receive the maximum settlement.

3. Access to Resources

While the state of Wisconsin allows you to file a wrongful death case and represent your loved one, you might end up losing the case because you don’t have access to the resources needed.

An experienced lawyer can access important case resources like witnesses, medical professionals, and investigators. They will use all these resources to build a robust case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

4. Assessment of Damages

A seasoned wrongful death attorney will have dealt with countless cases similar to yours. As a result, they might help you identify some damages that you might have left out and include them in your claim. This will result in higher compensation.

5. Expertise in The Legal Processes

Wisconsin has numerous wrongful death laws. Therefore, while some might seem easy to understand, only someone who’s studied and applied can interpret them appropriately and build a strong case.

A seasoned attorney will look at your case’s facts and advise you on the best legal processes to follow. For example, you have up to 3 years after the death of your loved one to file a wrongful death claim. However, if you’re not working with an attorney, you might not know about this law and wait past three years, forfeiting your right to compensation.

6. Finding Evidence

An experienced wrongful death attorney will ensure you have enough evidence if your case goes to trial. They will investigate the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death and unearth additional details that could strengthen the case.

They do this by working with professionals from different fields, such as doctors, forensic scientists, and detectives, to find reliable evidence of wrongful death.

7. Reassurance

Hearing someone say something negative about your loved one after their death can be distressing. However, sometimes the insurance company’s attorneys might try to highlight the deceased’s flaws to try and assign some blame to them.

For instance, if your loved one died in a motorcycle accident, they might try to bring up past convictions of speeding or drunk driving to show that they might have been in the wrong.

However, your attorney can provide emotional support during such difficult times and reassure you that you’ll win the case.

In Summary

You should consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit if you’ve lost a loved one to someone’s mistake or malicious intent. However, while the state of Wisconsin allows you to file the claim yourself, you have higher chances of success with an experienced lawyer.