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Article Image - CRM Specialists of Three Decades
Posted 4th January 2022

CRM Specialists of Three Decades

Today, advanced digitisation offers companies from all industries the opportunity to open up new markets or market segments. This requires revolutionary ideas, creative solutions and new technologies.

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CRM Specialists of Three Decades
CRM Specialists

Today, advanced digitisation offers companies from all industries the opportunity to open up new markets or market segments. This requires revolutionary ideas, creative solutions, and new technologies. As a software developer from the beginning, GEDYS IntraWare is a committed, experienced, and competent partner. With its innovative CRM products, it supports customers worldwide on their individual paths towards Industry 4.0. The success of its work is reflected in the trusting cooperation with 3,600 installed products and 400,000 licenses sold.

Motivated by numerous awards (including the IBM Collaboration Solutions Award 2012, the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2017 and 2018, as well as the Top Innovator 2017 award), GEDYS IntraWare has now also been recognised by Acquisition International as Most Innovative CRM Software Provider 2021 – Germany for its user-oriented, modular CRM and software solutions which are developed with enthusiasm for the everyday work of the future.

With strong business partners including HCL, IBM and Microsoft at its side, GEDYS IntraWare develops optimal CRM applications with clients and supports them in all phases of CRM implementation. Its CRM portfolio includes solutions for all departments and industries, for office, home office or on the road. And they are 100% DSGVO compliant.

The CRM product comprises modular components for maintaining customer relationships and offers powerful tools for sales, marketing and service. It can be used and combined with HCL Notes, Outlook, the web, tablets or smartphones, and supports company-specific requirements: from address maintenance to electronic customer files, workflow automation and campaign management, to sales control with configurable sales methods, complaint management as well as ITIL helpdesk.

And thanks to its flexible customisation options, the GEDYS IntraWare product line is suitable for all industries and companies of any size. The modular concept allows a step-by-step introduction and use of the system for a quick ROI.

For those who are on the go, the CRM mobile app, goMobile Pro enables users to connect their smartphone to the versatile business tool. For strong customer relationships. For more competitive advantages. For more teamwork. Worldwide.

It inspires company sales forces, providing all information about customers and business partners while on the move. Why wait until you’re back in the office when it comes to important information? With goMobile Pro, you will always have business partners, tasks, appointments, projects, notes, documents and emails with you. New information and results are recorded immediately. And that clears the mind for focus on other things.

To go with its excellent software solutions, the GEDYS IntraWare team can provide competent and professional advice and support to customers. The uniqueness of each customer is the company’s focus; carefully conducted discussions allow it to recognise how they think, where their needs lie, and which relationships they are striving for. Its aim is to obtain an accurate picture of all factors in order to advise, instruct and train its clients in line with their interests.

Respect, fairness, openness, appreciation and mutual support characterise the company’s behaviour in the workplace and towards its customers, suppliers and partners. Tolerance and diversity are a matter of course. And its success is based on its employees. It is important to the company that it offers a good, modern working environment in which its employees feel comfortable. It likes to invest in and promote young talent, training them to take over in the long term. Its employee benefits include flexible working hours, internal development opportunities, training seminars and latest technologies, family atmosphere and employee events, modern workplace and communal kitchen, and free water, coffee and fruit.

The team is led by Managing Directors, Joachim Weber, Ralf Geishauser and Frank Hohl. They make business decisions with openness to new ideas, promoting the company’s development and sustainably increasing the company’s value. Management skills such as quickly recognising new opportunities, developing future-proof models or initiating and accompanying changes while motivating employees and promoting their independence make the organisation flexible and adaptable. In their work, the managers always have a focus on the added value for the customer as well as on transparency and authenticity.

Ultimately, GEDYS IntraWare does not focus on the average, but strives for perfect results. It achieves set goals with intensive commitment. The combination of ‘fresh thinking’ with knowledge and experience helps with this. It promotes creative processes, but never without losing sight of its credibility and professionalism.

GEDYS IntraWare works every day to shape the everyday work of tomorrow. It is important to adapt to changes in the market and new situations. This was also the case during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its employees and customers had to work from home and needed seamless access to all the necessary data. Thanks to the company’s software, it was possible within a very short time to work 100% from home. Web access to the CRM solution enables transparent work and perfect teamwork. All around the world. The software makes it possible to react quickly and effectively to new situations. During the pandemic, it was able to hold almost 90% of all customer appointments via video meetings. This enabled more customer meetings per day and faster, more efficient customer service.

Now and in the future, GEDYS IntraWare is moving forward with foresight and is constantly investing in new business areas. Its new low code development platform opens up new markets and makes it possible to implement individual software projects in the shortest possible time. Regardless of the project, industry or number of users. Years of development can be saved with this platform. Many applications and databases can be configured with just a few clicks. This ensures the future viability of many companies.

For further information, please contact Oliver Niedner or visit www.gedys-intraware.com

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