Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal

Loughlin Management Partners + Co (“LM+Co”) provides comprehensive services to support client companies including interim management, value creation and performance improvement, restructuring and turnaround advisory, and corporate finance. The latter is delivered by LM+Co Capital, an independently operated and affiliated licensed broker dealer registered with FINRA, SIPC.

Please give us a brief, overall description of your firm does?

Loughlin Management Partners + Co (“LM+Co”) is a New York-based boutique financial and operational advisory firm, serving both distressed and healthy middle-market companies and their stakeholders. LM+Co provides comprehensive services to support client companies through interim management; value creation and performance improvement; restructuring and turnaround advisory; and corporate finance, which is delivered by LM+Co Capital, an independently operated and affiliated licensed broker dealer registered with FINRA, SIPC.

What areas does your firm specialise in?

LM+Co professionals often serve in C-level positions (CEO, COO, CFO and CIO) on an interim basis to help companies develop and execute a turnaround or strategic plan. LM+Co has a proven track record of successfully identifying value creation strategies and implementing sustainable solutions that achieve greater returns during every stage of the investment cycle.

As a result of our dual capabilities in both operational/financial advisory and corporate finance, LM+Co is able to communicate a complex story that identifies and articulates EBITDA enhancement opportunities to potential buyers and decisively demonstrate that a transaction based on a higher pro forma EBITDA is warranted.

How would you define Turnaround Management?

Simply stated, turnaround management is about reigniting the true potential of any company. As turnaround professionals, LM+Co is dedicated to corporate renewal by identifying the root causes of trouble in companies and implementing solutions that revitalize them. There is typically a need to quickly assess the situation, analyse the information and develop a plan to transform the company back into a profit-generating entity with limited availability of new capital. LM+Co’s nimble approach allows their turnaround professionals to think strategically but develop practical and sustainable plans that can be implemented quickly.

To what extent do you think that Turnaround Management is increasingly important in today’s business world?

LM+Co is living in a fast-paced world where technology is impacting consumer patterns and the way LM+Co does business across all sectors. Countless companies are being caught off guard by changes in today’s interconnected business world. The global economy is highly dependent upon macro events where negative financial results due to a substantial supply and demand imbalance in one industry can easily result in a downturn for others i.e. the effect of depressed global energy prices on manufacturing. Companies that are over-leveraged or not adequately capitalized are unable to sustain economic downturns outside their control and will require assistance from a turnaround consultant.

Today’s increasingly competitive business environment also requires applying turnaround expertise to healthy companies by making them more efficient and profitable. As consultants, LM+Co develop strategic alternatives and, as turnaround experts, LM+Co also execute and implement the strategic or turnaround plan by partnering with the management team to ensure that companies achieve successful results. The ability to quickly and efficiently assess the situation, provide viable alternatives and advise on potential outcomes creates the foundation of informed decisions.

Do you agree that your firm’s work in turnaround and corporate renewal is vital to many firms across the US?

Absolutely. After completing more than 600 engagements and restructuring over $100 billion of debt, LM+Co is nationally recognized as a one-stop financial and operational advisory firm.

LM+Co has distinguished themselves for 15 years by providing clients with comprehensive and sustainable solutions to financial and operational issues that arise at different phases of a company’s life cycle. In the pre-purchase phase, LM+Co review and assess the company’s organizational structure and functional areas to mitigate risk and identify synergy opportunities. Throughout the holding period, LM+Co help drive revenue growth to keep businesses afloat and maintain jobs while, simultaneously, creating a self-funded offering that maximizes value through revenue enhancement, margin improvement and capital efficiency. Finally, when the company is preparing to be sold, LM+Co’s exit readiness preparation and sell-side transaction advisory create a compelling story through EBITDA enhancements to increase valuations and the probability of a lucrative sale.

In restructuring, LM+Co work with companies struggling in the face of increased competition and decreased demand. Owners are sometimes interested in selling the business and our work provides the company with a comprehensive solution that is anticipated to yield:

• Preserving and increasing equity value;

• Refinancing of the company’s secured debt at a lower interest rate, providing greater liquidity;

• Developing and executing an operational improvement plan that enhances the business’ profitability;

• Navigating the complex sales process to realize the highest sales price possible for the benefit of the owners.

What role do your staff play in the successes of your firm?

LM+Co’s most valued assets are their people and LM+Co pride theirselves on their superior financial and analytical skills. The LM+Co team is comprised of industry leaders with CPA, CFA, LEAN Manufacturing and Six Sigma Black Belt qualifications, as well as exceptional functional expertise in areas such as information technology and supply chain management across a variety of sectors. What differentiates LM+Co is the ability to marry our operational capabilities with an extensive transactional skill set and relationships to maximize value for LM+Co’s clients.

Can you tell us about your client base?

LM+Co’s client base is broad, ranging from privatelyheld middle-market companies to private equity firms and top institutional lenders. LM+Co assist small to mid-cap companies across a wide-range of sectors such as energy, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and defence with the development and execution of a turnaround or operational improvement plan. LM+Co’s professionals provide the much needed resources during critical periods and can leverage their strong and long-standing relationships with banks and institutional investors to negotiate consensual solutions in complex matters.

What challenges does your company and / or industry face in 2016 and beyond?

LM+Co’s challenges are comparable to other financial advisory and consulting firms. Success requires the ability to anticipate changes in the capital markets and industry cycles. LM+Co believe the need for financial and operations-focused advisors in distressed situations will increase during the coming year as sectors like energy, healthcare and retail continue to be impacted by global macro imbalances. LM+Co’s deep bench of industry-specific capabilities, coupled with LM+Co Capital’s extensive transactional expertise raising capital and/or effectuating a distressed sale transaction, positions them well for responding to this uptick in demand.

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