AI adoption is the way forward to help tackle the challenges of urbanisation.

The world is moving faster than ever with billions of people on the move. In fact, by 2050, more than two-thirds of the global population will live in cities.

That’s why cities are growing at an amazing pace and this leads to various implications including transportation problems, food security, and resource scarcity.

There are many factors that accelerate urbanisation including but not limited to:

  • Cost of living
  • Education
  • Employment opportunities
  • Improved facilities

As a result, we need new innovative solutions to tackle the challenges increased urbanisation has to bring for us.

If you’re also looking for ways to tackle the challenges of urbanisation with AI adoption—read on. We have listed some use cases of AI in tackling some Urbanisation challenges.

5 of Al’s biggest benefits amidst urbanisation

AI for better parking management system

A UK-based study suggests that a typical car is parked 96.5% of the time. Despite this fact, parking facilities in big cities have always been a challenge.

Since urbanisation is growing at exponential rates and there is an ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, it is necessary to have parking facilities that can cater to the growing demand.

An AI-based solution to this problem is a smart parking management system.

Imagine a scenario where a car owner can just drive into a parking lot, and the parking system will know the owner’s identity, the type of car, the destination, and other relevant information.

The parking system can then guide the car to the nearest available parking slot, and the car can be parked in the most space-efficient manner.

A similar parking management system by Wayleadr helps solve some of the common issues faced by traditional parking systems such as handling the payments, enforcing the parking area’s rules and regulations, reporting vehicle entries, and much more.

So, AI helps manage parking facilities in a more efficient way, solving one of the major urbanization challenges.

Food security issue

Food Security Issue is a major concern in cities where there is an increase in the population. In 2021, food insecurity affected 33.8 million people, and this figure will proliferate with the increase in urbanisation.

There is less area available to produce food, and the demand for it is much higher. However, this can be handled by AI adoption.

Farmers and food supply management companies can use AI to track the condition of crops and harvest the produce at the right time to achieve the highest yield.

They can also use machine learning models to analyse data and provide appropriate recommendations to solve food security problems caused by urbanisation.

AI-based smart surveillance and monitoring systems

Another challenge of urbanization is to protect people and their belongings. It is also necessary to protect critical infrastructure like power stations, water supply systems, etc.

Artificial intelligence can be used to create smart surveillance and monitoring systems to keep an eye on the city.

With AI, you can create an intelligent system to detect abnormalities and send out alerts. It can help manage law and order situations effectively.

Autonomous vehicles for a better transportation system

Urbanization leads to increased travel demand. This will create a huge pressure on the existing transportation system.

Autonomous vehicles, powered by AI, can be used to reduce the pressure on the system by providing on-demand services.

This enables passengers to book services from their smartphone application and get picked up from the location.

It can also be used for transporting goods from the source to the destination.

Increased efficiency of existing infrastructure

AI can help optimise existing infrastructure like water supply, power supply, and waste management systems. It can help in ways including but not limited to:

  • Predict failures and repair them before they happen
  • Automate the design process and reduce human errors associated with it
  • Regular monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Efficient water management by smart irrigation systems

Tackle urbanisation with AI

The world is growing at an unprecedented pace, and this could lead to several issues.

These issues can be solved easily with the help of AI.

In this article, we walked you through 5 urbanisation challenges that AI can easily handle.

From improving the parking management systems to catering to the growing travel demand, AI can help tackle some of the major urbanisation challenges.