Nowadays, social media has become a popular tool for business promotion. Many industries benefit from social media promotion, and alcohol brands are not an exception. However, it’s extremely challenging to manifest your alcohol product online, as your promotion may be criticized for an unhealthy way of life propaganda. You should attract people creatively and not violate any regulations.
Social media platforms have their specifics of running an account, so you should be aware of creative ideas before starting a promotional campaign online. In this article, you will find how to make your alcohol brand popular and generate more sales.

What to Consider before Marketing Your Alcohol Brand
The alcohol industry must adhere to specific regulations to engage customers rightfully. There are advertising and marketing codes that any alcohol brand should consider before starting its social media promotion campaign.
You should prioritize in your campaign that people below the legal drinking age will not be encouraged to consume your product. Make engaging content targeting people of the legal purchase age.
Thus, you should ensure the platform you use, and your audience are primarily adults. You can require age affirmation before they interact with your social media content. Moderate your page and take all possible measures to eliminate youngsters’ presence on your page.

What Are Social Media Platforms Specifics

You can use several social media platforms to promote your alcohol brand. However, consider that each has its regulations and rules for content popularity. Let’s explore the best platforms for social media promotion.
Instagram is a global service with hundreds of millions of daily users. It is a great option for your alcohol brand promotion, but there are some aspects to consider. Mind that Instagram provides marketers with many promotion options, including stories, posts, reels, lives, and Instagram Ads. The best way for social media marketing is using simple, short, and engaging stories that would encourage the audience to explore your brand.
Facebook is another powerful branding tool that is good for targeting the adult audience. It restricts users under 21 to access the alcohol brand page. You can engage more clients by promoting your product in the News Feed. There are also many other ways to stand out with your brand, like stories, live streams, posts, but also advertise your content to attract a larger clientele.
When you decide to use TikTok as a digital marketing platform, consider that TikTok prohibits promotion of alcoholic drinks. So even when you open a bar and want to post a video promoting the palace and beverages, the platform prohibits such actions. When you really want to present your brand on TikTok, use creative marketing ideas without direct display of a drink or the process of alcohol consumption.

Creative Strategies for Brand Name To Make a Statement on Social Media

Here, we’ll explore tips to strengthen your brand, raise its awareness and engage more clients.
#1 Feature Events and People
You should avoid focusing on the brand itself or the process of drinking. It creates a negative image and engages fewer clients. There are many interesting selling techniques, and you can encourage people to buy your product without featuring the exact action of drinking. It’d be great to host events, partner with influencers straying away from alcohol.

#2 Focus On Quality Visuals
When branding any product on social media, you should pay attention to the quality of multimedia. Generate professional footage, and people will engage with your content. Any platform requires good visuals, so choose a decent video maker and photo editor to make unique content.

#3 Engage with the Audience
Brands should consider that social media promotion entails active interaction with the audience. You should be open to new followers, answer their questions in a friendly manner, and encourage them to interact with your content. Customers will feel engaged when you post user-generated content, make challenges, masterclasses, lotteries, etc.
In case you hold a masterclass online via Zoom or Skype, make a screen recording if every participant is agree – this will be a great emotional content to share on social media. Check how to record a screen on Mac by clicking the link.

#4 Show a Behind-The-Scenes Behind-the-scenes content is a win-win option to attract people. They will appreciate your honesty and the willingness to make clients closer to the brand. It’d be amazing to show how you make the product or how your team collaborates on making different drink tastes. Mind that his content will look great in social media stories.

#5 Create your hashtag All brands choosing social media marketing need to do their best in promoting their incredible content. In addition to social media ads, there’s a hashtag option that helps to promote the brand. Create your hashtag and add it to all your content to make the brand recognizable and keep track of user-generated content.

Best Social Media Strategy Examples

Before developing your social media marketing strategy, take a look at how popular alcohol brands promote their products on social media. These are not examples to imitate, but to learn from and create your unique content.

You know that it’s not desirable and sometimes prohibited to show in your promotion content the act of drinking. The Heineken alcohol brand decided to overplay restrictions and created an interesting video. They approached the brand promotion humorously and invited a famous actor, Neil Patrick Harris, to bring its “Best Tasting Light Beer” award to life. The actor struggles with the wish to taste the beer, but doesn’t do that.

This promotion builds brand awareness through emotions. They created a heart warming video featuring a puppy and one of the iconic Clydesdale horses. The content the company generated was not about drinking beer, but the power of friendship. So they made people associate their brand with positive emotions.

Truly Hard Seltzer
This brand managed to succeed thanks to active people engagement with its social media account. They create posts regularly, communicate with the audience, and make giveaways. What has brought them high engagement rates is a giveaway. Now people actively follow the page, share, comment, and tag friends in their posts.


Now you know the best practices of alcohol social media promotion. Despite all challenges, you can achieve success and make your brand popular. Use these creative marketing strategies for your brand social media account and come up with yours to attract consumers with unique content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Promote Alcohol on Social Media?
Yes, you can promote your liquor brand on social media, however, the ads should not appeal to people under the legal drinking age in the targeted territory. You also need to thoroughly check the policies of each platform not to violate any important requirements and to avoid getting banned.

How Do I Promote My Liquor Brand?
You can curate content around fun activities with friends and run social media contests in order to engage with your audience and build a strong community around your liquor brand.

Can You Promote Alcohol on Instagram?
You can promote your alcohol brand on Instagram if you direct your ads at people who are above the legal drinking age in the targeted country. Almost 60% of all alcohol marketing ad campaigns are displayed on the Instagram News Feed.

How Do You Market Alcohol on Facebook?
All the information that can be legally printed on alcohol can also be included in Facebook advertising. It’s recommended to pair the promoted beverage with food for the best campaign results.

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