First of all, I would like to say that being named the ‘Top 50 in Technology’ is a great honour, and rests on Najmtek’s persistence and consistence. Being internationally recognised as one of 2016’S Top 50 in Technology, is really important for the firm’s brand we are establishing. It is also gives Najmtek real feedback that they provide a truly global, unique and innovative solution. It is a great motivation to pursue our efforts to make this awesome solution available to everybody!

Najmtek has created the UBook, a universal notebook, YOUR notebook. With UBook, a collaborative and intuitive interaction is created between and among users and devices, thought way before we heard about the internet of things and already aligned with it! This unique suite includes highly functional and adaptive hardware, an operating system, an SDK (software development kit) for programs / apps, and a dedicated online store.

With versatility of the hardware, the operating system and the SDK, the UBook can be transformed from one virtual machine to another with a simple touch of a button. It can be turned into an ultrasound machine, an EKG machine, a diagramming or designing tool, a notepad or most any other business or personal tool imaginable. The only limitation is the user’s imagination.
Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2020, the average person will own 4.3 internet-connected devices. Users are spending increasing amounts of money on multiple technology devices because there is no product that offers everything they need. In addition, society is becoming more and more fast-paced, with people constantly multitasking.

Our mission, at Najmtek, is to change the way users interact with their technology, and contribute to the world while being custodians of the planet. As such, when creating the UBook we wanted to build a technology that works well with today’s changing lifestyles by providing a device that meets all user’s needs, without the necessity of purchasing additional devices or having to go back and forth between their phone, laptop, computer, tablet and so on.

As such UBook is the first all-in-one multi-touch laptop, fully customisable according to the end user’s needs. UBook is also a Multilanguage device, you can switch from one to another language and chose one of the 140 available at no extra cost.
UBook is also multi accessories, and multifunctions which means that you will save time, money and raw materials. You can just turn your notebook into any machine you want just by pressing a single button. These features bring clients more flexibility, infinite possibilities, and optimal mobility in only one single device.

The staff at Najmtek love to brainstorm, mastermind in our company. Every idea is welcome, and each employee can submit new proposal. Then we open a discussion to see what can be done or not. No one know everything, so a truly team work is what move us ahead, and contribute to our success.

The extent to which society is dominated by technology From cell phones and video games to smart appliances and social networks, it is obvious to say that technology plays an important part of our everyday life. However, can we really say that society is really dominated by technology? Of course, we really depend from it, but we are still controlling it and its use. Technology is a tool, and will remain so, nothing more, nothing less. It will not improve by itself, and will still need people to become better and more useful in what they do. When we found no utility in one technology, like a tablet, or a mobile phone (not smartphone), we will forget about it and put it on the side to find something more useful! We believe that technology is here to improve our life, not to dominate it.

Client base Najmtek can serve anybody as UBook is a universal notebook, all-in-one, multi-language, multi accessories, and multi functions. However, our first huge market is the creative one in its globality, from medicine and science, to entertainment through education and technology. All these customers are using many external devices which are neither convenient nor easy to carry when travelling, or even at their office as it takes so much space.

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