The Benefits of Pushing Branded Content


The sudden growth and acceleration of content marketing has enabled small businesses with limited budgets and resources to distinguish themselves in the marketplace by delivering relevant and engaging content to their target audiences.

There are several key benefits of pushing out branded content including increased site traffic, brand awareness, and audience engagement. However, it seems that companies may still struggle with the content development process.

Phillip Thune, CEO of Textbroker understands the difficulty of continually creating interesting and engaging content, and in his latest article provides a few ways to spruce up your branded content:

1. SOS. Consumers face daily struggles and you’ll want to ensure that your content provides helpful information, tips and advice. Thune mentions how IKEA offers tips on how to use their products as well as advice on daily struggles that their consumers may face.

2. Complex material. Thune suggests using analogies and examples when covering specialised or complicated subject matter. Presenting the information this way may spark further interest from readers and help to digest the in-depth material.

3. Community. Create a community where users feel included in the experience and they can share their stories and connect with others.