As an integrated professional services firm, Rödl & Partner is active at 106 wholly-owned locations in 49 countries. We owe our dynamic success in the service lines audit, legal, management and IT consulting, tax consulting as well as tax declaration and BPO to our 4,200 entrepreneurial minded partners and colleagues.

The history of Rödl & Partner goes back to its foundation as a solo practice in 1977 in Nuremberg (Germany). Our aspiration to be on hand wherever our internationally-active clients are led to the establishment of our first, own offices, commencing with Central and Eastern Europe in 1989. Alongside market entry in Asia in 1994, the opening of offices in further strategic locations followed, in Western and Northern Europe in 1998, USA in 2000, South America in 2005 and Africa in 2008.

Looking back, we recall the firm’s unique track record in China. Indeed, our first office in Shanghai opened in 1995, making Rödl & Partner among the very first European professional service firms to establish a presence in the People’s Republic of China. We are one of the very few professional services firms in China who have obtained a license to practice as both accountants and lawyers.
Due to our long-standing experience in providing accounting and advisory services in our Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong offices, we have become familiar with the special demands and opportunities of investment in China and provide complete consulting services in legal and tax related matters to German and other European companies.

Rödl & Partner is not a collection of accountants, auditors, lawyers, management and tax consultants
working in parallel. We work together, closely interlinked across all service lines. We think from a market perspective, from a client’s perspective, where a project team possesses all the capabilities to be successful and to realise the client’s goals.
Our interdisciplinary approach is not unique, nor is our global reach or our particularly strong presence among German family businesses. It is the combination that cannot be found anywhere else – a firm that is devoted to comprehensively supporting German and international businesses, wherever in the world they might be.

In China, we advise clients in the following fields: • General legal advice, company set-up; • Tax consultancy, tax structuring; • Accounting/controlling/auditing; • Litigation/ADR; • Transactions services, M&A; • Due diligence; • Investment consultancy; • Real estate; • Technology transfer, intellectual property and; • Business consultancy.
Due to the foreign ownership of our clients, we have gathered a unique pool of experience, and as such we are able to integrate our clients’ cultural diversity into our work and to address the cross-border side of legal, tax or financial accounting issues from both a technical and language standpoint.

In terms of the extent to which advisors contribute to the firm’s success, once defined, we believe that values affect every aspect of an organisation. Our core values simply stated are respect, humility, integrity, independence, competency, teamwork, accountability, quality and efficiency. We work on a daily basis towards maintaining these values to significantly contribute to our client’s success.
As such, we enable our clients to get a planned and structured market entry in China or other foreign countries. With consideration of all legal, tax, accounting and auditing aspects we minimise corporate risk or unpleasant surprises when entering foreign markets. Due to profound expertise in the Chinese market we are able to prepare and provide individual strategies for our clients’ needs.
Approaching clients Rödl & Partner is an international, owner-managed firm. We therefore particularly identify with the wishes, concerns and requirements of German family-owned companies who have domestic and international operations. Our clients appreciate this and see us as their reliable partner.

In addition, there are capital market-oriented companies which may or may not be included in stock market indices, which also benefit from our longstanding expertise, just as investors, real estate companies and financial institutions do.
In recent years Rödl & Partner has become an indispensable partner for a further group of clients: the public sector with its fully and partially owned companies. The same applies to the renewables, energy and water industries. Furthermore, we also advise health care providers, hospitals and welfare facilities, foundations, supervisory and advisory boards as well as private individuals.
The extensive international presence of Rödl & Partner, combined with our long-term client relationships, has resulted in support for companies with international operations which are not of German origin.

‘Força, Equilibri, Valor i Seny’ (strength, equilibrium, valour and common sense) is the Catalan motto of all Castellers, describing their fundamental values very accurately. It is to our liking and also reflects our mentality. Therefore, Rödl & Partner embarked on a collaborative journey with the representatives of this long-standing tradition of human towers, Castellers de Barcelona in May 2011. The association from Barcelona stands, among many other things, for this intangible cultural heritage.

The human towers symbolise in a unique way the Rödl & Partner corporate culture. They personify our philosophy of solidarity, balance, courage and team spirit. They stand for the growth that is based on own resources, the growth which has made Rödl & Partner the company we are today.

Company: Rödl & Partner
Name: Dr. Thilo Ketterer
German Phone: + 49 911 91 93 30 62 Chinese phone: + 86 13 901 817 966
Address: Rödl & Partner Headquarter: Rödl & Partner Äußere Sulzbacher Str. 100 90491 Nuremberg / Germany Chinese Headquarters: 31/F LJZ Plaza 1600 Century Avenue 200122 Shanghai