Established in 1974, the Zener Group of Companies, has become one of the leading fire and security companies in the Middle East. Selected as part of 2017 Business Elite, Zener Fire & Security’s Sales & Marketing Director, Michael Cronin, provides a compelling insight into the company’s valued work in the field.

Zener Fire & Security LLC is a joint venture between Zener Group & Kidde. UTC Kidde is a Fortune 500 Company and is a pioneer in the field of fire

The firm’s Sales & Marketing Director, Michael Cronin starts off by telling us more about the company’s work, how they stand out in these challenging times, plus his thoughts on being included in the 2017 Business Elite awards.


“Firstly, we are a very proud local UAE company which has uniquely become one of the most recognised brands for EPC firefighting and security in the power sector in the region. From an early stage Zener Fire & Security was going beyond our UAE borders, taking on our multinational competitors and winning.

“What sets us apart from others is Zener Fire & Security’s no nonsense approach and reliability in firefighting and security contracting. We don’t compromise on our values and have full confidence in our abilities. This is ultimately what our clients are looking for. This is what we deliver time and time again. The clients we deal with acknowledge our track record and simply know that they can rely on us. In addition, Zener Fire & Security is a UL registered company, which is unheard of in the region.”

“It feels great to be part of the Acquisition International’s 2017 Business Elite awards, and we thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this. It is always nice to be recognised in the industry you are a part of as a top performer. We like to receive such accolades to push ourselves even harder in the present, to maintain the highest standards possible in the future.”

Michael concludes by underlining the opportunities and challenges for the wider industry, plus his future aspirations for the company in 2017 and beyond.

“On the wider industry, I would like to say that lower priced market due to competition has been the trend for the past number of years, especially in the commercial sector. We prefer to focus on the industrial sector, which requires more engineering and technical ability. We have kept our attention in these markets, putting extra emphasis in the oil and gas sector where technical ability and quality is critically important.

“The future of Zener Fire & Security is centred on sustainable and calculated development. Due to the current volatile market situations and unstable socio-political climate throughout the Middle East, we must be careful on what steps we take.

“That being said, we will continue to work hard in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) and build on our old relationships. We are now turning our attention to new markets for example East African and The CIS Region where there is a lot of potential for our company.”