A Long and Strong Presence

Fernanda Lopes e Advogados Associados is a full-service corporate and commercial law firm, assisting companies in legal areas, related to the activity of companies. As winner of the 2017 African Excellence Awards, we invited Fernanda Lopes Fernanda Lopes to profile the firm’s work in the legal space.

Founded in Maputo in 1995, Fernanda Lopes & Associados-Advogados has a long and strong presence in the Mozambique market. The founding partners, Fernanda Lopes and Teodato Hunguana, both bring extensive experience to the firm’s activities.
FL&A is a full service corporate and commercial law firm, assisting companies in its activity needs and legal areas related to the companies and the activity of companies (law of contracts, labour law, property, real estate and land laws, industrial property and litigation).

FL&A regularly advises major international corporations seeking to operate in Mozambique’s investment climate. The firm has built strong knowledge and expertise in natural resources, energy, transport and infrastructure matters.

At the firm, FL&A Lawyers believe that understanding the client allows us to assist and advice pragmatically and solution-oriented. Competent and ethical professional behaviour, commitment and technical excellence are qualities that lend themselves both to clients and to the profession. FL&A lawyers believe in approaching the priorities of any client with a pragmatic and solution oriented perspective, offering an in-depth knowledge of the market and quality legal services, with efficiency.

Areas of practice FL&A areas of practice include work concerning contracts, labour and litigation, which are summarised below.


• Incorporation of companies, amendments to articles of association and share capital changes, shareholders’ agreements, restructurings, acquisitions through purchases, mergers and capital increases, joint ventures and other company closing and insolvency;

• Board and general meetings assistance, preparation of respective minutes;

• Assistance to foreign Investor and investment and following registrations and;

• Asset securitisation, assignments of assets and liabilities of directors.


• Legal opinion on commercial and civil contracts;

• Preparing general terms and conditions of commercial and civil contracts, including agency, distribution, concession and franchise contracts;

• Termination of contracts, in the several ways of termination and;

• Validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts.


• Legal opinions and assistance in the several changes in the labour relationship;

• Employment contract, general and senior executive, including exclusivity, non-compete and confidentiality clauses;

• Foreign employees and directors;

• Policy manuals and codes of conduct;

• Labour relations, outsourcing and subcontracting;

• Employment and social security due diligences;

• Dismissals and restructurings and;

• Arbitration and litigation.

Property and real estate

• Purchase, sale and investment on property and real estate projects;

• Due diligence reviews;

• Ownership, lease and transfer of property;

• Legal opinion on right of acquisition of land;

• Acquisition, transfer and termination of right of use of land;

• Mortgage and other security on movable and immovable assets and;

• Enforcement of guarantees.

Industrial property and trademarks

Registration and assistance to defence of marks should be bullet as a detail of the Industrial property and trademarks

Arbitration: ad hoc and institutional

Judicial: corporate litigation, disputes between shareholders, challenging company resolutions, commercial and civil contractual litigation; enforcement of guarantees; execution of foreign and domestic judicial and arbitral awards

Company: Fernanda Lopes e Advogados Associados

Name: Fernanda Lopes



Address: Mozambique, No. 224 Maputo – Mozambique

Phone: + 258 21 49 69 74