BiOzone Corporation understand the water quality problems which they propose to solve using ozone reactor technology. As a result, this understanding allows them to solve these problems, not just to sell equipment.
Although ozonation is applicable to many water quality problems, there is a huge gap between providing an ozonator and a solution. Moreover, their consulting services can help fill this gap by working with the client’s engineers responsible for the overall project.
In addition to their technical expertise, the founders of BiOzone include senior people who have managed successful companies responsible for a broad spectrum of technical services throughout the US.

They have the chemistry, engineering and management capabilities to ensure that effective and efficient solutions are provided, and they are prepared to respond to their client’s needs wherever they are located.
Successful water treatment with ozone involves an understanding of the chemistry of water contaminants, and the kinetics of ozone reactions, not just the installation of an ozonator. BiOzone understands this technology, and their research and engineering departments are positioned to keep the firm at the forefront of the industry.

Ozonators alone do not clean water, in fact, without attention to the total system of ozone water treatment units, there is considerable potential for failure. Their wet oxidation process extends beyond the ozonator to provide a total water treatment system, including chemical sensing and computer-driven automation of the generated ozone and the fluid flow. They further understand how ozone reactor systems may be synergistically used with complementary water treatments, such as bioremediation for the clean-up of very complex contamination.

Assembled with a system approach, they offer very reliable ozone generators, efficient injectors, static mixers and a reaction vessel sized for the application. Electronic sensors for the influent and effluent keep mass transfers and reaction kinetics in balance by referencing a microprocessor installed real time digital data base.
Their generators are assembled with a system approach that offers a very reliable ozone generator product. The high oxidation potential of an ozone is utilised to its greatest advantage, with ozone generator equipment manufactured by BiOzone. Efficient injectors, static mixers, and a reaction and filter vessel sized for the application make the BiOzone ozone generator process a very successful treatment option.

Ozone generators at BiOzone are made of high quality materials and ozone generators are effective for use in air and water treatment. The ozone generator completely breaks down odours and other pollutants at the source through their ozone generator systems. BiOzone is the leader in ozone generator technology and always strives to provide quality and efficient ozone generator products.

Ozone air purification systems produce clean and purified air through ozone oxidation technology. Ozone air purification and their ozone air purifier systems, provide disinfection and odour control for ozone air environments. The high oxidation potential of ozone is utilised to its greatest advantage with ozone air purifier equipment manufactured by BiOzone.

Ozone air purifier oxidation of odour and the cleaning of exhaust gases such as sulphur, nitrogen and carbon bearing gases results in ozone air purification, thus making the BiOzone air purifier process a very successful ozone air purification treatment option. Ozone air purifier products from BiOzone are of high quality and the ozone air purifier improves the air quality by reducing indoor air pollutants that filters cannot contain. The ozone air purifier completely breaks down odours and other pollutants at the source through their air purification systems.

The staff at BiOzone play a vital role in the success of the firm, in fact without them the company would not be what it is today. Pulling together to achieve the company’s objectives is what keeps their staff motivated. Going forward. if they can maintain they are confident that BiOzone will remain one of the prominent figures in the biotechnology industry.

Company: BiOzone Corporation
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