We live and breathe our core values… Authentic – valuing individuality and encouraging diversity. Having purpose – we do not rest until we have the desired result for our clients and our candidates. To be nurturing – internally and externally we value the relationship over and above an invoice, without exception. An absolute commitment to being progressive – we have so far reinvested every penny of profit into exciting infrastructure, events, tech and a new website is on its way – this approach has meant we have already made waves in our market.

Ed and I have never been any good at ‘fitting in’ and the intention with the business has been to be fearless in striving to be innovators in our space. We set out to question the status quo and although we know that we can never be perfect, in striving to be, we deliver an exceptional service for our clients and candidates. With well over 100% year-on-year organic growth, our numbers reflect how welcome our approach has been within the markets we operate within. Our turnover has grown from 350k in year one to well over 2 million in year three.

When we first launched C&C Search, we did not want to benchmark ourselves against competitors, but rather look to emulate the companies we were truly inspired by. Constant evolution is a common theme within all the businesses that we are most excited by and so constant evolution is at the core of who we are as a company. At the heart of the business is knowing that every day is an opportunity to get that bit better.

Ed and I have always found top down, management orientated environments unbelievably demoralising to work within. As a result, we have an employee centric culture and our team are the voice in shaping who we are as a business, which includes how we operate, our core values, through to determining their own hours and benefits.

Motivation for personal and career development is a key quality for any of the team here. As a result, our development team is available on demand for our employees to call on. This fabulous team includes a nutritionist, coaches and trainers.
In terms of C&C Search’s clients, we have a broad reach which include finance, start-up’s and tech firms through to large global organisations such as Google. Our business was set-up in a research-led model. This means our clients have access to talent that’s not available on the open market. We have a team of highly experienced consultants providing an incredible knowledge base and who are equipped to deliver the exceptional. In our business, the devil is in the detail and we know getting it right really matters.

Bringing something different to our space has resulted in over 76% of our clients in 2015/16 coming to us through recommendation and with a continued longterm commitment to both our client and the candidate journey, we aim to build on this year on year.
When we established C&C Search, we met with several charities as we were committed to finding a charity partner that we were passionate about and could genuinely add value to. We found this in Tomorrow’s People, who work with all generations that have experienced long-term unemployment. The work they undertake is invaluable (www.tomorrows-people. To date we have connected them with our clients, donated significant portions of our profits, held fundraising events, attended no.10 and 11 Downing Street as well as the House of Lords and we are just about to launch our work experience programme with their clients.

Martin Brookes their CEO recently commented, “we would not have been able to reach these people and companies without your involvement. Thank you very much. It makes an enormous difference, both tangibly and, also, indirectly by giving us a boost and a sense that you are behind us.”

As a business, we absolutely love technology and have invested in this heavily. Innovation plays a huge role in recruitment today, particularly with the way we engage with generation y. Understanding the huge differences in motivators for the different generations, and adapting our approach is essential to reaching a wide audience. In addition, the way you connect with those individuals is greatly impacted by how your brand is perceived and this is why we are fearlessly authentic.
We are hugely excited about our future; we have some very exciting ideas in development and really, we are just at the beginning of our journey…so watch this space!

Company: C&C Search|
Name: Lucy Chamberlain