Sino-Lite Ltd., an Israeli corporation, has announced the acquisition of Light Instruments Ltd, a leading dental laser manufacturer, previously owned by Syneron Medical Ltd. Owning 100% of Light Instruments’ unique technology, Sino-Lite Ltd. has gained access into the prosperous global dental laser market.

Light Instruments Ltd., the world’s leading provider of next generation dental laser technology for hard and soft tissue treatments is famed for its flagship LiteTouch™ product. Developed by Light Instruments, LiteTouch™ – the Laser-in-Handpiece technology, is the world’s most versatile non-fibre, Er: YAG dental laser device.

“The acquisition of Light Instruments is the first step within a sequence of acquisitions of high technology companies and innovative companies that the group intends to acquire in the Israeli market,” said Adv. Eric Ben Mayor – CEO of Sino-Lite Ltd, serving also as Light Instruments Ltd. CEO.

“The new leadership will drive the LiteTouch™ technology brand forward and further develop its valued innovative contribution to the dentistry world,” continued Ben-Mayor and added: “Sino-Lite Ltd. shall increase Light Instruments’ workforce and expand the variety of high-end advanced Technology Dental Lasers offered, thus affirming its position as a worldwide global leader.”

Attracted by Light Instruments’ reputation for developing cutting-edge and advanced technology in the dental field, the acquisition marks the latest large investment by Chinese conglomerates in Israeli technology companies.

Light Instruments Ltd’s development of a small, simple and portable laser for dental procedures is a sharp contrast from the bulky and complicated equipment common elsewhere.

The dental laser market is one of the biggest potential markets in the coming decade. There is a clear worldwide trend and a willingness from dentists to adopt painless, fast and more efficient solutions. The once-fledging market is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting developments in the healthcare industry.