Best Independent Investment Manager – Louisiana & Recognised Leaders in Fixed Income & Macro Strategy

Callais Capital is a family office and independent investment manager based in Southern Louisiana. Harold Callais provides us with a riveting insight into the firm and the financial products it offers.

Founded by third and fourth generation entrepreneurs, the principals of Callais Capital have found that being opportunistic investors can lead to a continuance of the long-standing family legacy.

In addition to investing for their own account, the firm serves as advisor to a diverse asset strategy mix comprised of real estate project financing, fixed income and other private debt/equity transactions.

The firm structures and manages pooled investment vehicles consisting of outside family members, family offices, and high net worth individuals in order to achieve distinct monetary objectives.

Callais Capital’s investment product offering consists of two private equity funds which aim to maximize capital appreciation. The first fund consists of real estate financing, and the second corporate financing, and other private transactions. The firm’s fixed income product maximizes risk-adjusted income by investing in publicly traded U.S bonds, secondary private debt participations, and highly collateralized direct private debt deals. Investment risk is mitigated by internal controls, external resources, and an extensive due diligence process to ensure that clients are not exposed to unnecessary volatility.

Internally the firm employs a flat corporate structure and has less than 10 employees, providing us with the ability to act quickly, and give the necessary personal touch to investors, portfolio companies and strategic partners. Since we are a young company, we are motivated to build a business which incorporates best practices which the former family owned businesses were known for. We are seeking to grow our network beyond our geographical base, and diversify risk through the exposure to a diverse mix of investments.

Ultimately Callais Capital is a family office in structure but also in fostering an efficient family oriented environment where everyone becomes a part of the Callais family. All of Callais Capital’s stakeholders from employees and companies to strategic partners, and investors, are all treated like family. Our staff is comprised of individuals capable of “forward thinking” and “critical thinking” skills, which are key in the dynamic management of our portfolio.

These skills have provided the necessary support to building a unique product mix and business practice. Our employees must be self-motivated and focused on self-improvement, allowing the business to be flexible Looking to the future, we have a number of opportunities ahead which will provide us with a number of opportunities for expansion. By the end of Q2, we anticipate the addition of two new funds which are projected to almost quadruple our current assets under management.

Company: Callais Capital
Management, LLC
Name: Harold J Callais II
Address: 401 Focus St,
Thibodaux, LA 70301 USA
Telephone: 985-492-2323